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    Why Straight White Guys Shouldn't Always Play Games As Themselves

    How about you keep playing video games as a way to get yourself to treat other with respect, and I'll just keep having fun.
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    Respect Your Gamer

    I don't think the amount of DLC's being released is wrong, but I understand where people who do think so are coming from. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the cheer amount of choice. I think this isn't a problem with the DLC's, but rather with the way they are presented on the store page. DLC...
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    Zero Punctuation: Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    It's been years since I've been here and man, has this place went down the shitter. At least Yahtzee's still funny.
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    I'm pretty sure I got caught...

    Your friend did everything, you were just sitting there.
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    The corrupt a wish foundation

    Wish granted, you can now fly for 3 seconds. I wish i had a delicous bacon sandwich right in front of me.
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    Helicopter Crashes in games

    Half Life: opposing force starts in a helicopter, which crashes.
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    Poll: Thief HD Collection

    Right away, without a doubt. Nothing more to say, really. They are awesome games.
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    Bethesda Claims Interplay Wants to "Undermine" Fallout

    Man, Bethesda is really going the drain lately. Bunch of [redacted]
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    Poll: Followers of Chaos, choose your side!

    Tzeentch. If i'd had to pick a master (undivided is boring) going with the strongest is the easiest choice. That'd be either Khorne or Tzeentch. But seeing as if they would fight, Tzeentch would've probably orchistrated the whole thing, and the other would have lost before it has even begun.
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    What's your desktop wallpaper?

    It's actually a photo taken in Egypt, with all that nasty business going on.
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    What languages do you speak?

    I speak English, German and Dutch fluently, French and Russian just good enough for most conversations, And bit of Latin and Spanish. I learned English and German from TV and talking, Dutch and French in school, I followed a class for Russian, and I'm currently doing Latin and Spanish in...
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    declared Non-Canon

    What? There's a Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel? Lies and Slander!
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    Things in games that make you physically uncomfortable?

    Killing animals. I just hate killing them. Like the dogs in Call of Duty World at war and Black Ops, or the Blind Dogs in Stalker.
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    Poll: Are Superhero Movies Coming To An End?

    I guess everyone was trying to use The Dark Knight's succes to their advantage, and now it's novelty has worn out. Just like the 100 CSI copies.
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    JoWooD Declares Bankruptcy

    Meh. I don't know how to feel about this. They did publish Arx Fatalis and Gothic, but I remember something about them screwing Deep Silver over or something? I guess I'll just google it. Oh, and a bit off topic, but the Arx Fatalis developer (Arkane Studios) was bought by Bethesda's parent...