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    Five Actors Who Should Play Gordon Freeman in A Half-Life Movie

    And here I was thinking I was going to be the first to suggest that, but turns out the thread is starting to fill up with people who all have the same idea.
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    Gearbox CEO On Gamer Criticism: "Some People Are Sadists"

    Your castle wasn't made of sand, Randy, it was made of dog turds. Guess I must be a sadist for not appreciating dog turds.
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    Ex-Xbox Boss Reflects on "RRoD", How it Almost Killed Xbox

    "...the unreasonably high failure rates of Xbox 360 consoles that no-one could figure out". Nobody except the xbox insiders who came out and confirmed that the 360 was knowingly rushed to market with a high failure rate because Microsoft attributed the success of the PS2 over the original...
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    Ender's Game Actor Could Be New Spider-Man

    I'm not too fussed who plays Spiderman, as long as Marvel realises that by now everyone knows how Peter Parker became Spiderman and we don't need to see it again. Just pick it up with him already being "amazing" and take it from there.
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    Poll: The Order 1886 - Our critics are bullies

    I'd much rather a game be short and sweet than overstay its welcome. Some of my all time favourite games have been what most people would call short (Portal, Journey). So it does depress me a little when people are so quick to deride a game because of its length. Also, asking people what they...
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    Wish I could Unsee, AKA "Oh God! Why Did I Google That?!"

    I was once sent an email of a weight lifter who'd blown out his sphincter trying to lift weights that were too heavy. I didn't even know that was a thing. I really wish I still didn't.
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    Hotline Miami 2 Dev to Australians: "Just Pirate The Game"

    Just to clarify, while I don't know of anyone personally who has had an RC game seized on import, it can happen, and you can be fined for it. I have had legal games opened and inspected (customs put a sticker on it telling you they've done so), but I've been lucky when it comes to RC games I've...
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    Name some good early access games.

    I have a ridiculously large backlog of games thanks largely to cheap bundles, so the idea of playing anything that isn't finished when there's a better than average chance I'll only play it once doesn't hold a lot of appeal. I tend to let them sit in my library until they're done. That said...
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    Leaked Windows 10 Build Reveals Xbox, Cortana Integration

    Yeah, I seriously cannot believe that they're about to release something that's making me think I'm happy sticking with Windows 8. That's eerie, you echo my thoughts so precisely I think you may be one of my split personalities that I'm unaware of.
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    Gunman holding hostages in Martin Place (Sydney - Australia)

    Yeah, it's an impossible call, and one hopefully one that none of us ever have to make. Any gunman in this situation is going to tell his victims that if they remain calm they'll get out alive. You just can't know until after the fact how crazy he is. Here's hoping everyone walks away safe...
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    Gunman holding hostages in Martin Place (Sydney - Australia)

    An easy armchair observation to make, but if you're being made to sit or lie down by a guy with a shotgun, are you going to be one of the people to try and rush him? Point blank with a shotgun he's going to take out at least a few of the people coming at him before he's bought down. So far...
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    The League of Assassins Demands Sara's Killer On Arrow

    Please, be that stick. I'm in a country where they've only just finished showing season 2 and now I have a major plot point of season 3 ruined for me just by browsing article titles on the front page.
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    Australians, You Can Turn Off Your VPNs, Netflix is Finally Coming Down Under

    Every tech company gouges us when it comes to pricing digital content, commonly referred to as the "Australia tax". Charge more because you can. And why wouldn't you, when so many people are prepared to pay it? So I'll be holding hold onto my VPN, thanks.
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    Trailer: Stoners Battle Aliens Over Weed-Stash in Star Leaf

    I'm hoping it's both. Some of my favourite films are so bad they're good.
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    What's your favorite RPG and why do you like it?

    Nethack. It's free, and if you download it you'll die within a few minutes of starting play and probably wonder what the fuss is about. I did when I first started around 20 years ago. But I was lucky enough to have a group of friends at university who smoked an excessive amount of...