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    So Bad It's Brilliant

    While I do think B-Games is a real phenomenon - Think Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard or Ninja Blade, I think this is far too lenient on Lollipop Chainsaw. The game was bad and bland. The idea of overly sexual female characters is hardly new comedic ground and LP just had nothing to say...
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    Double Fine "Made More on Psychonauts This Year" Than Ever

    Shamus Young's twitter just told me this was a first step in publisher's losing power. He speaks of it like a utopia. Now, I don't like bottom-line driven businessmen getting in the way of creative freedom or churning out uninspired sequels and knockoffs either, but publishers exist for a reason...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fairy Godparent

    I demand the future return of James Fairy Godperson character! He is truly awesome.
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    ME3 Ending - I liked it?

    Ok, so I was really late playing ME3. I was worried they'd turned my beloved Space Opera into a mindless shooter and wanted to wait and see how it played out. Then I got it for my birthday from friends and played it anyway. Everything from here on out is SPOILERS, obviously. Not just for my...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Santa and Me

    Between the rocking beard and punching that shark.... is Graham part bear?
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    Feed Dump: Bears: On Cans & In Scotland

    NegaCow only makes me think of NegaDuck. Which is perhaps the greatest commitment to the evil clone villain ever.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Muppets

    I wonder what will happen if America does pass some more stupid laws. I mean, as a Canadian, I'm not directly affected. It will more be a matter of trying to convince our government not to follow suit, and thankfully we will have any fallout from the passing of the law as evidence against it...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Outbid

    Putting a Neon Sign for Maine Supplies in front of a church? Worthy of a minor amount of discussion. Change the Lord's Prayer? Apparently worth of zero discussion. Misspell Paul's name? Blasphemy!
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    Making a perfect FPS Game - Your wishlist

    I want a shooter with a strong single player focus, multiple routes and good replay value. Preferably with excellent characterization of its enemies. Imagine a world where gun battles were tense and long running affairs with named and personified characters. Where even taking on two or three...
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    Feed Dump: Soldiers of Fortune

    Beret, take it from a Canadian. Also, allow me to be the first to scream "SELL OUT", as this whole thing seemed like an elaborate plug for a WOTC product. Then, allow me to be the first one to say "Shut up, if its funny who gives a damn?" And then I'll also be the first to get indignant and...
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    BioWare: Mass Effect 3's Weapon Mods Give Players More Meaningful Choices

    I use a special skill called "Hyperbole". It does lose a little steam in the face of Sarcasm, though, I'll admit. My point stands. There are tons of awesome shooters out there, and plenty more awful ones. Can't RPG fans have a AAA Sci-fi title now and again? Fingers crossed on Deus Ex.
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    BioWare: Mass Effect 3's Weapon Mods Give Players More Meaningful Choices

    So, now I can outfit my weapons like a CoD player? Great. Don't suppose some of that depth will splash over in to the writing or the character classes eh, BioWare? I'm so bitter. Do you know I just watched a ME3 trailer that had no dialogue in it at all? It was all combat and rock music and...
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    Take-Two: Duke Nukem Forever Was Profitable

    I am so sick of this. This is the third story since Pitts' review that has been shocked or disappointed or just plain rueful of Duke's success. There was that NPD sales one where Chalk lamented the games' success. Snide comments in the article about PC Patches and now this. We get it, you...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Sickness

    I know the CH characters are supposed to be really bad at making videos, like you guys with head injuries or whatever, but the CH versions yourselves seemed even more ridiculous this week. Particularly James who has gone from "most reasonable" guy to "I just say goofy stuff in deadpan instead.
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    Editor's Note: DIY

    I'm not finished with Obsidian yet, I actually quite liked Alpha Protocol. Let it be said however, They fucked up KOTOR 2 and New Vegas was a slap in the face to Fallout fans. In both cases, because it was more promises than anything else. Obsidian isn't a wacky author, constantly leaving...