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    Poll: Favorite Foreign Language

    Why the hell is "Both German and Russian" on the poll instead of French, possibly the most internationally recognised language in the Western World after English? That's one biased poll, if you ask me. (Oh yeah, I choose French. There's something so disturbingly wondrous about swearing for...
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    Why do PC gamers like Dedicated survers so much?

    This video will pretty much explain why we need dedicated servers:
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    Getting Braces - What to expect?

    I had them for five years (my teeth were a bit complicated than most), so here goes: When you get them, and every time they get tightened, your teeth will make your eyes water every time you try to crunch on something. When you first get them the most they'll hurt for is a week, but it...
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    How do my fellow escapists feel about guns? (The real kind)

    I love it when people say "guns are tools" but then fail to say what they are tools for. Because we both know what it's designed for: to kill. It's not like a knife, or a lighter, which serve purposes other than to harm. A gun is only used to kill. You could argue that it's used for target...
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    First Photo of Andrew Garfield as 'Spider-Man' Revealed

    I liked Toby Maguire as Spider-Man. Maybe a bit too buff, but whatever, I enjoyed the first film (woo Willem Dafoe!) and absolutely adored the second (even more woo Alfred Molina!). The third? Absolutely hated it. Shoddy writing made it feel like I was watching a live-action Disney flick, and...
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    Question of the Day, January 11, 2011

    I've just gotten out of (high) school, there's too much for me to do to even consider going to Mars and never returning.
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    Poll: What are you smoking?

    I wish I could smoke a pipe without getting, you know, cancer and all that... I'd look good with a pipe.
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    Poll: Bowser Vs. Tank

    A tank. If you need four people with machine guns and machetes to take down one of those things, how do you think a turtle thing who is beaten up by a plumber jumping on his head will fare against it?
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    Pixar's worst movie

    I haven't seen Cars, so I'll go with Ratatouille. It was cute, but I didn't find it to be as inspiring or creative as Pixar's other films. The Incredibles wasn't as good as, say, Toy Story or Wall-E, but I still really enjoyed it, which goes to show the level of regard with which I hold Pixar.
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    Longest you've gone without going outside

    Between one to two weeks... And no, it wasn't because I was ill. It was raining all holiday.
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    Congrats! You just found $. What would you do with it

    For the first two amounts I'd save, the next one I'd buy a new computer and a phone (because they're literally falling apart), and regarding the one million? Put it all in the bank, and live off the interest.
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    Movies you could watch over and over and over

    Any Pixar movie, except maybe Toy Story 3. I doubt I could put myself through the compactor scene again.
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    Poll: Do you use or trust Wikipedia?

    I trust it when it uses reputable sources. Otherwise, no.
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    Poll: World of Warcraft and Sexist Warlocks!

    I think it shouldn't be just restricted to pets. You should be allowed to change the gender of your character for free (by free I mean WoW money, not real world currency).
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    Poll: Escapist: Waffles vs. Pancakes

    I choose... Crepes! They're like ultra-thin pancakes, but they can be savoury as well as sweet, therefore are far greater than pancakes or waffles.