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    Hi-Rez: Tribes: Ascend Isn't Dead, It's Complete

    Having played the game myself for an extensive period of time - Allow me to clarify this issue with absolute certainty. The game is dead.
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    "I liked them before they were famous" is a totally reasonable position

    Yes, it is a reasonable position, and I didn't even need to read your arguments to agree with you. But it still makes you sound like a douchebag.
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    EA Exec: Xbox One and PS4 Are "A Generation Ahead" Of PC

    Let me know when Microsoft/Sony figure out how to pack $2000 worth of hardware into a $400-$600 console.
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    Update: Richard Garriott: "Most Game Designers Really Just Suck"

    It's not the fucking game designers' fault that the games are shit, it's the consumers. We eat this shit up and continue to buy garbage games, rather than demanding change. The industry has no need to put out new ideas or innovation if the market isn't interested in it.
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    Chubby Checker Sues Over The Chubby Checker

    Ernest Evans? You mean this guy? I'm surprised he was able to find a lawyer who wouldn't laugh him out of the office.
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    84-Year-Old Gleefully Plays First-Person Shooters

    I feel that this is appropriate.
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    Kinect Will React to Swearing at Dead Space 3

    There's just one problem... Dead Space isn't a terrifying horror series that makes you want to scream... Unless that screaming is about how shit it is...
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    Are Women Tournaments Sexist?

    Way to miss the point like a champ.
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    Are Women Tournaments Sexist?

    Yes. If 'Male Only' anything is sexist, then 'Female Only' anything is sexist. End of story.
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    Research Suggests Gaming Before Bed Disrupts Sleep

    Oh ffs... It's not video games, it's the bright lights. Watching television or even browsing the internet will do the exact same shit. This isn't news either. This has been known for decades. Quit blowing shit out of proportion, Escapist.
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    Zynga Sues Former CityVille GM

    If the guy stole something that Zynga themselves stole... Then who's really at fault? The world may never know, and it most certainly will never care.
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    Poll: So I found this "feminist" site

    Can we extend this to any sort of overused, stupid thread that everyone's seen a million times? Not mentioning specifics due to, ya'know, the possibility of the ban being put in play... OT: Will you people please stop making these god damn threads already? Seriously, it's not just annoying to...
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    Now with 50% less life expectancy.
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    Anyone Else Getting Sick of MLP?

    To be honest I'm starting to get the feeling that threads like this are being started on purpose, with the sole intention of attention-grasping. In fact, the OP even stated that he KNEW this could turn out into a flame-war situation before it even started, and he put it up anyway. As for getting...
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    Anyone Else Getting Sick of MLP?

    I'm more sick of jackasses giving the whole fanbase more attention than it deserves. If strange, emotionally repressed people want to jerk off to pony-human hybrid porn, WHO GIVES A SHIT. They can do whatever the fuck they want. They can have their memes and endless flow of jpegs. What really...