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    Zero Punctuation: Firewatch & Layers of Fear

    I haven't played Layers of Fear, but to me the Firewatch stuff was more or less on point. It's a good game for about two and a half hours, then a bit of an anticlimax, before a pretty OK denouement. Really, if the grand reveal of the central mystery had been almost anything else, it would have...
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    World of Warcraft's Blood Elves Are Finally Getting Their Visual Update

    Now, I don't play a lot of WoW, and I'm a relatively new comer at that, but I have a blood elf rogue whose cape seems to be glued to a spot ~10 cm behind his legs. Is that an improvement?
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    Queen Elizabeth II Sends Her Very First Tweet

    Indeed, and further back. The Queen sent the first royal e-mail while visiting a research facility on 26 March, 1976.
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    Cold-Brewed Coffee - What's The Secret?

    People become less sensitive to bitter flavours with age. That's why younger people tend to dislike things like olives, coffee (especially black cofee; cf. OP's prodigious sugar usage), and Brussels sprouts.
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    ESO is on sale for 50% off on Steam this weekend

    I was legitimately surprised to see it had subscription fees. I know you gotta pay for servers and whatnot, but it seems like only World of Warcraft can get away with charging both monthly and upfront. And the upfront cost of WoW is about three times less than ESO.
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    Nintendo Says No To Same Sex Relationships For Tomodachi Miis

    wat Where exactly in the United States are you from?
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    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    I still play "life" games (Animal Crossing, Sims, etc.) when I have a lot of hours to kill and no energy to do anything even slightly productive with them.
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    It seems like it's a defence reaction because hardly anyone is providing their rationale for not reading a translated book. I see very few comments like "I just read books I like, I never bother to check what language the author wrote it in" or "Doesn't it make us less biased if I don't care...
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    Not to pick nits, but it's exceptional to see a fiction book from my own country since I'm from Canada. And it's even rarer for me to read a Canadian novel because they're all about a married couple struggling to live on the prairies during the Great Depression, or a father and son in...
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    What I find interesting is that a lot of people are explaining #1 as "I don't care about the race of the author, I just read books" but almost nobody is getting similarly defensive about #2. To answer the questions, never (so far as I can tell) for #1, and about 4 months ago for #2. I...
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    Watch Dogs PC Requirements Recommend 8 Core CPU

    Planetside 2 was the weirdest goddamn game in the universe. I had a friend who was gaming on a midrange, non-gaming laptop and it ran decent for the first few months, but after SoE implemented a fix that was theoretically meant to optimize the game it became unplayably slow.
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    Zero Punctuation: inFAMOUS: Second Son - Bad Son Good Son

    I have this horrible feeling this game is going to move a million copies and we're going to be discussing Infamous Second Son 2 this time next year.
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    Poll: Finally geting a new laptop - Mac or PC?

    The disparity between the Thinkpad line and the Ideapad line is massive. You'll pretty much never see a larger gulf between build qualities all at one company. Though Acer does come close, funny you mention it. In my experience, the Thinkpad line is a load of chunky black boxes for people who...
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    Poll: Finally geting a new laptop - Mac or PC?

    Macs are a no-no unless you need some kind of Apple-exclusive software, or if you're planning to replace the OS (which is probably not you if you are a normal user). My advice, shoot for a nice ~500 pound (I live in the colonies and my keyboard only has a '$' key, sorry) Lenovo. They don't...
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    Nailed it. Though, for all the talk about how consumer trust isn't infinite, I can't help but wonder where these "buyer beware" types are even coming from. Maybe those people really do have infinite patience for shovelware.