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    Eidos Montreal Confirms Next-Gen Deus Ex is in The Works

    If there is a Full Deus Ex game coming out of this, then consider myself curious. The question is, what's the timeline this is taking place in, i mean i can see this as an interquel between either HR and the main game or between it and IW but what about before HR and IW, this does seem like...
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    Grand Theft Auto V Cost Nearly $267 Million

    I just have one thing to ask... Why the need to spend a huge chunk for adverts? I seriously think they could have cut the marketing costs in half and the game still would have sold more than enough to make the budget back due to it's brand name giving it a big edge. If there is one thing...
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    Zynga and Rebellion Scheme With Evil Genius Online

    So i take it a monkeys paw was involved in this? If only we could get a spiritual successor..... Wasn't their a flash game that was sort of like a successor for this game? I think it was called "Mastermind: world conqueror"
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark

    Great now i want to play VtMB, where can i find a copy? OT: It's never fun playing a broken vampire unless it's against other broken vampires in some arena match, but yes this game doesn't sound very fun, what ever happened to vampires that had fun powers that could be used for things other...
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    When Open World Goes Wrong

    You just gave me an idea! How bout we combine those three game types together into some metroidvania/Semi-sandbox videogame set in a Desert sci-fi setting with spaceships. Of course how they would work together would require alot of thorough thinking. OT: I can see what he means by "organic"...
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    Jimquisition: Fee to Pay

    Would you like to use our patented "Brain wiper"? Guaranteed to make you forget the worst images your brain has likely created or seen. Selective application to certain types of memories are "optional" as separate purchases. OT: Well Jim it seems the thorns of industry has once again...
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    Star Wars Attack Squadrons Domains Registered by Lucasfilm

    Three possible options come to my mind. -A EVE/Tie fighter MMORPG. -A freepsace-like star wars game. -Or going by the Deus ex: the fall example, either a facebook or smartphone game. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    MIT Researchers Implant False Memories In Mice

    Well at least school won't be so hard if everyone has access and the money to use this, in fact if this ever reaches a far enough point then there wouldn't be a need for school at all..... in theory anyway. Wouldn't we all like to be Blade runners? We just need some Fiber for our brains...
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    Gearbox CCO: Homeworld "Meant Something to Me"

    Hopefully it turns out well cause this well be my first time experiencing Homeworld. I envy you, I'm now seriously regretting looking at HW 1 at my local Walmart years ago and dismissing it as another game I wouldn't like....... Damn what could have been and i was almost considering on...
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    BioWare Artist Reveals Early Mass Effect, Dragon Age Art and Ideas

    Some of these ideas would have worked great for a game like say.......Metroid? or maybe Space rangers(a somewhat obscure space game). If mass effect had these i wouldn't know what to think, of course that's probably because i wouldn't be very phased by any of these ideas to have more than an...
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    Zero Punctuation: Ride to Hell: Retribution

    I can't really say since it was released in the mid 1900's but I did find out it was likely the very first bad movie filmed by independents other than an actual film studio. You can look it up, there's even a Trope for it somewhere "So bad it's good", I guess people just like to laugh at the...
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    Nintendo Says No To Japanese Independent Developers

    So there's some legal reason why there are no Japenese indies being made, maybe it's either that or nintendo is having a hard time accepting small budget games being made in their country, beats me which is the right answer but I would sure love to see the reason come to light soon for...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Already "Well Into Development"

    So it's likely they'll give us the option to switch between First and Thirdperson like in the R&C games? Not sure what's gonna happen during the development but one things for sure, there will be arguing...... and DLC.... Lots of DLC. Things will get Hot! hotter than the Death of a Star...
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    New Mass Effect "Moving Forward"

    Well the only solution for these kind of situations is to wait and see what happens first, if the simcity experience is anything to go by then don't go fanboy over the hype so soon unless your prepared to wake up one morning to be punched in the nuts by an unfavorable "Innovation" that they just...
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    New Mass Effect "Moving Forward"

    Edit: Ignore this somehow 2 extra posts got posted due to a captcha error.