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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Spend Your Summer

    Never noticed the LLR moonbase uses the "Moonbase" from "Moonbase Commander" which is a super game.
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    Earth's Whitey-est Heroes

    Fun fact, Isiah Mustafa AKA the Old Spice guy put together a teaser of him as the Nick Cage. He's a fan, he's awesome, he wants the part, why doesn't he have it?
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    History of the Moonbase

    But he did solicit for hats. I remember his asking for it and me making a comment about how the escapist would demand 2/3s of them. ...But I'm to lazy to look it up.
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    Feed Dump: Van Dump

    And who had the form of water? And who was the monkey?
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    Feed Dump: Van Dump

    Eating bacon. Awesome. Eating bacon while driving a van. Awesomer. Blow job from a hot babe. Awesome. Blow job from a hot babe while driving a van. Awesomer. Killing a moose. Awesome. Killing a moose (and subsequently having the moose kill everyone else) while driving a van.... Not as...
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    Escape to the Movies: Raven

    A little bit of "The Big Picture" there provided the only thing worth talking about. Your Kirk was better. I feel like we've skipped OTS in more ways than one. For instance we've gone from space flight by the seat of our pants to sleek and smooth everything. I bought a new router this...
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    Jimquisition: Fish, FEZ, And Supporting Art Over Artists

    FTFY "I'm not a troll, and to prove it I'm going to make one review that's fair and balanced." So is this whole review a big troll? Because in the past he's clearly not riding the middle ground. He's either been a troll or a big fat idiot. And if you ask me he should have never brought...
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    Zero Punctuation: Ninja Gaiden 3

    Publishers have sales numbers proving that gamers don't want hard games. Complain about it all you want about it (I know I will) but you and I are in the minority. I don't understand what Yatzee's point is there at the end. "It's like a Final Fantasy game being too good." What's that mean? Is...
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    LoadingReadyRun: The 720th Degree

    I'm glad they restated the "Free-60" punchline, 'cause I kinda missed it the first time and thought he said "360". Thought he made a mistake there.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Mailbag!

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    LoadingReadyRun: Some Kind of Geek

    Super disapointed that for the 10th Doctor all they came up with is "I guess I'll show you my sonic screwdriver"?! Encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who my butt! 10th is an easy one: "ALLONS-Y"!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Spare Us, Gus

    Alright, I hate to be "that guy" but I just had this discussion with someone else, then I hear it here: "...table this discussion..." That does not mean the same as "shelve this discussion." The shelf is where you put things to bring up later. The table is where you put stuff for current...
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    The Latest Craze

    Thank you. *facepalm*
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    Feed Dump: Death Coaster

    Now I want to know if Alex has the Fez because he's a fan of Doctor Who. And fezzes are cool.
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    Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously

    I agree. Jim is wrong because these people do matter. And that's only one facet. There's also the fact that video games aren't being taken seriously by the people making them. The professional video game industry is driven by making money. But applying the traditional methodology of maximizing...