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    What do you do for work?

    I'm a computer science student at the moment, but from the middle of June onwards I'll be on a placement year as a sfotware engineer intern in Newbury, just outside Reading, UK. Looking forward to it
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    Healthy Eats!

    Why avoid gluten? It makes sense to if you have Celiac's, and I've seen what happens to people with Celiac's when they consume gluten, but otherwise it's a basically harmless protein. And given that gluten can be found in the least expected food items, including ice cream, oats and of course...
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    Fantasy/Scifi games with races or species with some diversity in them?

    It's not the graphics that are the issue, it's modelling a full set of animations and movements for an utterly non-human creature. The way we do animation now usually involves filming an actor or a reference animal moving while wearing clothing with IR parches to make the digital translation...
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    [back to gaming] What are you playing now?

    I've been playing the game game for about 3 months now, Europe Universalis 4. I've colonised Siberia as Japan, united the Holy Roman Empire as Austria, formed the Scandinavian Empire as Sweden, reunited the entirety of India as Vijaynagar, and am currently giving Muscovy what-for as...
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    Ubisoft Scores Legal Win in Patent Case

    Trademarks and patents re very different things. Trademarks are things like names and symbols, like Pepsi or Halo, together with some symbols and such. Patents are for products or sometimes ideas. As for software patents, the entire European Union avoids them, and, to some extent, as do most...
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    Fanny packs mother****** , do you wear em?

    They're mostly a thing seen being worn by tourists from North America. They did have a thing in the 90s, but that dark time has passed. Also, in the UK, and most of the Anglosphere outside of North America, fanny is slang for vulva. That may not help their popularity.
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    UK Lifts DVD, MP3, CD Copying Restrictions, If You're Disabled

    Let's assume that the government is telling the truth when it says that it's aiming for a complete lifting on the restrictions on personal backup of copyright and DRM protected media, which given it's movements in that direction, may well be true. In that case, then this is quite possibly a...
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    If you could become "augmented"...would you?

    Indeed I would. However, I probably wouldn't make it obvious. No fully replaced limbs or stuff like that. For starters, I'd get my left eye, the crap one, replaced. Assuming we're staying in a vaguely Deus Ex realm stuff here, I'd grab the rebreather, a few brain augments, hearing augments...
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    Lucasfilm Makes It Official: Star Wars: Expanded Universe Is Dead

    Understandably, the Star Wars EU continuity was starting to rival Marvel in it's complexities and plot holes, so this is probably needed. Only ever read the Jedi Academy Trilogy, so I don't have much riding on it. Plus, maybe they'll be a happier outcome than the apparent 15-minutes of peace...
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    How Are Comics Still Niche?

    Which, while continuing to be enjoyable to both long-time fans and to people who started reading them at a relatively early age, makes it difficult to be picke dup by someone starting them later in life. People generally want to start from the beginning, which in this case, is often more than 70...
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    A black writer? Why not an Indian writer, an Arab writer, or a specifically Nigerian writer? For specifically a black writer, no idea. I read many books, including a fair few self-published ones on Kindle of which I know nearly nothing about the author. As for a translated book... probably a...
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    Europeans and Call of Duty: Is CoD a "thing" in your country?

    UK. CoD is big, but nowhere near what it was a few years ago, closer to the MW2 era. From what I observe at my Uni, LoL has taken over as the multiplayer game of choice. Even when you stay only wih shooters, BF3/4 seem to have taken over as the most popular, though CoD is still in second, but...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    That is a very American survey. "I can afford medication when I need it"? Well, yeah,I can. It's free in Wales. Otherwise, 53/100. Thought it would be higher. To be fair, there were number of answers I wouldn't really answer due to things working differently here, like the aforementioned...
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    Bury My Heart At Ashenvale... Your most nostalgiac gaming memories.

    This is Fleet Command. Reporting Mothership pre-flight status. Command online. Resourcing online. Construction online. Cryogenic subsections A through J online. K through S online. Scaffold control, stand by for alignment. Alignment confirmed. Stand by release control. The Mothership has...
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    Wost Computer Disaster You've Ever Suffered

    While using my laptop iwth only the power cord, the battery having been taken out and kept at about 45% charge to maintain it's capacity, we got hit by a power cut. This sort of thing happens, so I pulled out my Kindle and read for the few minutes the cut lasted. Sadly, when the power came back...