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    Zero Punctuation: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    I played through all the sidemissions and came out feeling the complete opposite about the in game currency. It felt completely irrelevant. I hit the fourth act with 60k in my pocket with nothing to spend it on. When I saw the fortress upgrades I thought "Oh, so that's what all this money...
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    Jim Sterling Quits Traditional Reviewing

    Yeah, I'm another one who dropped him years ago. He has always been single-minded and boring. I got fed up with him when his hate boner for Konami was at an all time high (up to where I watched at least). He would make video after video saying the same exact complaints about Konami, and would...
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    Jim Sterling Quits Traditional Reviewing

    You don't follow them at all. That's the part that seems to be completely lost in this old conversation. Websites like Gamespot and IGN get like 40 to 50 million views per month. They are meant to offer something to everyone, so that when the average person googles for a review on a certain...
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    Jim Sterling Quits Traditional Reviewing

    Because that's what a staff is for. If someone doesn't like Arkham combat you're not gonna give them an Arkham combat game to review. Same as I hate RTS games, and if I did reviews you can bet I would never review an RTS because it would be useless for RTS fans. You give it to someone on the...
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    Jim Sterling Quits Traditional Reviewing

    Professional game journalists are bought out, and random, rambling shitheads on Youtube are the future! C'mon, what year is this? 2014?
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    Destiny, and Destiny 2

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    Destiny, and Destiny 2

    I've been thinking about that a lot. How with the money I pay to go to the movies I could buy an indie game at full price at launch, yet even though the game will last me at least twice as much as the movies (in some cases a lot more than that), sometimes even with a 50% discount I still think...
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    Destiny, and Destiny 2

    I haven't played the first Destiny, but am planning on buying Destiny 2. Only when it comes out on PC though. Nobody deserves being subjected to an FPS on a gamepad. Also, on console half of the game's features would be held ramsom behind a PS Plus subscription, fuck that. The game felt...
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    Games for when you're feeling down

    I guess I've used Bloodborne in a similar manner in the past, though I should probably lay off it by now. I've already beaten it 4 times and platinum'd it. On the other hand I've put over 100 hours into Dark Souls, during 3 playthroughs, yet I've never actually finished it. I think I get too...
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    Does The Wire get more interesting?

    It took me until the second half of season 1 for me to start really liking it, but on a rewatch I don't know what was wrong with me, because it was great from the very start.
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    Games for when you're feeling down

    Everyone needs a pick me up once in a while, what works for you? I think for me I like more hands on, light on story games, as opposed to story-heavy or puzzle games during those times. Stuff like the Katamari games, for example. Time sinks are also great for getting your mind out of your...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Mania

    You timed out? Multiple times? ...what? How is that even possible?
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    A question about P5.

    Really easy to accomplish, actually. When you reach rank 5 with the Death confidant she'll sell you the SP Adhesive 3, an item that restores your SP slightly every turn. Probably the best item to have equipped in the whole game. It costs 100k at rank 5, and 50k at rank 7. I would do the...
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    Best Martial Arts for blind people

    If UFC is any indication, anything other than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will get your butt kicked.
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    Destiny 2 PC Beta - Impressions

    I've tried all modes and characters now. The Hunter was definitely my favorite, but the game still feels too slow. The cooldown for the dodge is just way too long, so most of the time all you can do is walk around and double jump. Feels more like what I would expect from a run of the mill...