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    Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.4: Crossing Swords

    Clunky, nice kameo toward doraleous and ass, the guy in blue look a lot like my little brother, clunky... but yeah, I guess, if it work, keep it coming, its good, kinda. Can't be worse than unskippable at least.
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    Escape to the Movies: Tron: Legacy

    video doesnt work for me, its black screen for 30sec, then I see the pictures but no sound. Also, just watched daily drop and I just tested on unskippable and everything work fine for these videos.
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    Daily Drop: Tree Cookie Jar

    Thanks. More christmas stuff inc, I hope.
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    Daily Drop: Dried Flowers

    Hey, christmas is coming, you better start breaking christmas stuff because there are so many christmas related stuff that you could destroy and I would enjoy... christmas.
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    Daily Drop: Robot Dog

    May I suggest that you guys level up the crowbar to a morning star? I think it would be more effective. Also, there are plenty to buy from internet. Even tough I would never buy a shirt about anything silly on the internet, the ''crowbar is ready'' t-shirt is, I guess, a good idea. At least...
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    Daily Drop: Gourds

    So yeah, am I the only one to notice the sounds doesn't match the video? Im pretty sure Im not, but still, have to point that out just in case.
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    Daily Drop: Durian

    If I was an extraterrest alien thing, and some human tossed me a ''durian'' I would say; Hey, I used to eat something very similar back on my planet, thank you human.
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    Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Only thing I see into this game is an overpriced brownish rail shooter with zero depth. Im craving for good FPS good lord.
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    Daily Drop: Clock

    Finaly dropping something we all hate; time. Yay!
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    281: Rated E for Everywhere Picture of conker bad fur day to emphasis the other people point about the fact that ''mature'' game can be just as innovative and imaginative as kids games. The problem isn't the labeling anyway the problem is that developers themselves SUCK BALLS...
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    Escape to the Movies: Unstoppable

    Do you mean smash the diesel with a crowbar? Because you know, these doesn't work with electricity, heh.
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    Daily Drop: Cherry Pie

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! Such a waste...
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    Daily Drop: Strong Beer

    Best drop overal hands down.
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    Daily Drop: Cereal

    The kind that have been in the milk for way too long.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Trapped

    So yeah, who is that girl that didn't say a word, and also, what was her purpose?