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    Rogue One Team Defends Use of CGI Characters

    They both looked just fine to me, it was Vader felt, sounded and looked off for me.
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    Don't Buy Scorpio If You Don't Have 4K, Says Microsoft Boss

    Oooooor do yourself a favor and just buy a PC. Powerful PC gaming is even cheaper than ever with the new Nvidia and AMD cards.
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    Marvel Launching New Ongoing Star Wars: Poe Dameron Comic

    No kidding, where the hell is Wedge? And the rest of Rogue Squadron for that matter. And yeah, the ship variety disappointed me too. And the numbers. The First Order is some how a threat with a single Star Destroyer, and a planet gun. The Empire at its high had 25000 Star Destroyers or so in the...
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    Report: Just Cause 3 Suffers From 15 Minute Load Times on Console

    10 second load times max on my PC. And I've tested it many times after face planting Rico into a mountain at 200 miles per hour.
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    That was my solution. A quick twelve gauge judgment.
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    Fallout 4 Has an "Infinite Caps" Glitch

    Or you know, just enter the console command for as many caps as you want.
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    This 3D Printed Railgun Fires Plasma Rounds At 560 mph

    Or any gun powder based weapon made in the last 300 years. In half the time.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mad Max - The Sandiest Sand Box

    I swear not a single critic saw the loading tip about the scrap box's that come with the sand storm. Its the fastest way to get scrap.
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    Game Theory: A Tank's Biggest Itself

    Maintenance and break downs were an issue for all tanks in WW2, and the Germans had just as many problems if not more.
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    Oculus VR Founder Accused of Fraud

    And just now they make these accusations? Not say, during the Kickstarter?
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    No WTFast, You Can't Bribe Customers For Positive Steam Reviews

    Bribery and all aside, I'm still baffled how running a secondary program is suppose to make you connection better/less lag-y.
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    Castle Wolfenstein Returns In The New Order's Standalone Prequel

    Well this is a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to kill some more Nazis.
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    GOG Adds Six Star Wars Games, More Coming Thursday

    There's more to come,I would love to play Pod Racer again.
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    Blood Draining Game Peripheral Needs $250K From Kickstarter

    NOOOOOPE! Not for me.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Dragon Wars: D-War

    I remember this... Sorta. Either it was pretty heavily cut in places or I did my best to forget this movie.