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    Gaming keyboard & mouse

    I've had a Razer Deathstalker for about 8 months and a Razer Naga Epic for approaching two years now and both of them have started to pack in. The keyboard just acts as though the Enter key is constantly pressed down and I've done everything I can find on the internet and everything Razer told...
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    Preorders: Have you been screwed?

    I was majorly screwed over by Mass Effect 3. I pre-ordered it thinking it'd be excellent then it was just a pure disappointment. I wish I had waited seeing as the price fell pretty quickly and I had no way of getting my money back because I bought it for PC.
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    GameStop Says Gamers Won't Buy Consoles Without Used Games

    I made the move to PC a while ago but reading this has told me I am definitely not gonna go back to consoles. Most of my games were bought used for my Xbox because I'm on a very, very tight budget. This is the same reason why I rarely buy games on Steam outside of sales. As much as I would like...
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    Your First Gaming Experience

    My first gaming experience was watching my dad play Max Payne when it first came out when I was 7-ish. The game that made me a gamer was probably GTA: Vice City.
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    Another Gaming Poll for my studies, please participate!

    1. 18 2. B 3. UK 4. F - PC 5. D 6. C 7. A 8. Probably not. 9. I don't know. 10. Definitely. 11. Probably. 12. Definitely. 13. Guild Wars 2
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    Without sounding idiotic, what does love feel like?

    You feel strange when you're not with them, which is definitely part of the shitty side of love, but the world seems pretty good when they're around. Plus, it feels brilliant to be around them, even if there's silences, they never feel awkward. There's also a persistent little fear that maybe...
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    How do you change when drunk?

    I'm very friendly, smiley and open to conversation when I'm drunk but I'm also very unlikely to put up with any crap from anyone. In clubs, a lot of men take my willingness to speak to them as consent for them to act inappropriately (touching, trying to kiss me, all that kind of thing). When I'm...
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    How to get more women working in the games industry?

    I don't view this as a necessarily sexist thing. If women don't want to work in the industry, they won't do so. Games development is something I think requires an interest in games to begin with plus a specific skill set. It'd be unfair to everyone to try and encourage women to work in it. Women...
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    Your Halloween - How Was It/Waddya Do?

    I dressed up as Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls with my friends and went to see Silent Hill Revelations (which was disappointing, purely jump scares, no actual scary scenes). Then we went to a club and I got stalked around said club by a security guard dressed as Michael Myers because I saw him...
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    Facebook is advertising video game piracy, have standards really sunk so low?

    I can't say I fully believe that because I've had some mental adverts before such as Jewish and Muslim dating sites (I have never used or even searched for a dating site in my life). The only link I could think of for that is the fact that I've read up on Judaism and Islam. I reckon it's very...
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    Don't go to college (if you're in college, drop out)

    I'm studying a Masters in Physics. I'll be in a similar amount of debt afterwards (although I don't pay for tuition fees, I have student loans for living expenses). However, I'd love to see you just get a job as Physicist without a degree. Just because you did a Mickey Mouse degree doesn't mean...
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    Personally, for me... Dragon Age: Origins. Morrowind is a definitely close/almost-tied second though.
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    Poll: Alright guys, settle a bet for me. Half Life, Halo, or CoD?

    Half Life utterly scares me because I am, for lack of a better phrase, a massive scaredy-cat and I tend not to get along nicely with games that involve zombies to a high extent. That said, the actual gameplay in it seems great (or what I've seen of it does). I wish I could play it because I can...
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    My top 10 gripes with Skyrim.

    I've only just reached the end of 'Act 1' in the main quest and my only real gripes so far are: 1. I suppose it's due to OP stealth but my gripe is not about the stealth itself. It's about the fact that I shot a bandit from a shadow in a cave and him and his friend started looking for me...
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    Underaged Gamers

    I have been mistaken for an underage boy before because my accent is somewhat "rough" sounding anyway, so on my old mic, it sounded a bit like a boy before puberty. It used to do my head in getting muted by people and told to come back when my balls drop. I generally don't care about an underage...