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    Do EMAIL SPAM filters work anymore?

    I think it may be obsolete, I signed a few petitions and other petitions in defence of net neutrality in my younger days on my gmail account. Now I get a million emails saying "Donate here" "chip in now" or "support so and so for congress" no matter how many I unsubcribe to, they just...
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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    I would wish for the destruction of human greed: the most destructive and detrimental flaw of humanity I would wish to live a full and successful happy life here: then upon dieing being reborn into a universe of my creation Then I would wish for the genie's freedom.
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    Why no Third person game today ever come close to Max Payne 1 and Mafia 1?

    I take it you haven't played any of the Uncharted Games?
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    Rick Explained (in Season 3) (Rick and Morty Spoilers)

    I actually thought this over this morning. You see: Rick says he doesn't care about Morty and Summer and that he threw Jerry out of the house and saved Morty & Summer to gain Beth's trust: but in all honesty if he didn't care: why would he need Beth's trust in the first place? He is a multi...
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    Poll: You have to fist fight the last game character you played as, how does it go?

    Ratchet literally turns me into a sheep
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    How much do you care about the environment

    I care enough about the environment that it is truly a pity I wont live long enough to see the big oil CEOs dragged out onto the street and decapitated when they irreversibly fuck up the planet.
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    Why are so many people here angry?

    Because there is no interruption or social awkwardness on the internet, no fear of confrontation: only pure unfiltered dialogue. Sure a thread can be deleted, but atleast my mind isn't in socially anxious overdrive trying to respond to your point. I can take as long as I like to refute your...
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    Why do you still come to the Escapist forums?

    Usually to check Zero Punctuation videos: and upon seeing no new videos, I just check interesting forumn topics for shits and giggles
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    Worst Game Trade In/ Selling Stories

    I once bought a game called Lord of the Rings: conquest. The campaigns were fantastic and it was reminiscent of a medieval Star Wars Battle Front. Too bad the multiplayer and custom games modes sucked shit because everyone chose the overpowered mage, not to mention there were no minions/grunts...
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    Poll: Would you hit a woman in self defence(If it were Ronda Rousey)

    I would only hit back proportionally to how hard I was hit, but since this is Ronda Rousey we're talking about and I have the physical stature of a 22 year old, socially awkward, reclusive, gamer shut-in I would probably get my face kicked in within the first 5 seconds.
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    What/Who is a Mary Sue to you?

    A Mary Sue in my opinion is an overpowered character that is unrelatable to the common reader/player/moviegoer. As a character artist: characters need flaws, or they are unrelatable and boring.
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    Poll: Do you shave?

    I have a neckbeard, I fucking hate it: therefore, I shave My balls? No, I got 1 ingrown hair down there once, thats enough to convince me to never shave down there Ever
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    "Sleeper Hits" from the last generation

    Spec Ops: the Line, what you think is just another cliche' military shooter turns out to be something else entirely: it will make you feel like shit for playing through it.
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    Mom Defends Superhero Child In Raising Dion

    Congratulations, you got me to comment on how awesome this looks. I love seeing things like this: especially based around super heroes. I definitly have high hopes for this.
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    Underrated Games !

    The Resistance series by Insomniac Games, it has great amount of lore, and an interesting backstory to the antagonists of the series that is both mysterious and terrifying.