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    PS4 sells out almost instantly in Japan

    Wtf. Ok, let me explain it to you nice and slowly. Let's say you make this statement: I ate all my apples within 10 minutes! How many apples did you eat? Without a numerical value, that statement means nothing. At all. On the subject of PS4s, "selling out" means something completely...
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    Skyrim's quest rewards

    Every character starts with flames, which is enough to get through that bit. You also find basic spellbooks nearby whenever you need one, such as needing frost to focus a crystal, but there's a huge difference between novice spells that any PC can cast, vs the ones required for Faralda's test...
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    Skyrim's quest rewards

    You don't ... if you just do the main quest until you have to get in, you can just shout at Faralda and be done with it.
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    PS4 sells out almost instantly in Japan

    Oh come on ... "selling out" means nothing, seeing as it's based entirely on the market expectations of a STORE. It could simply mean that Amazon expected the PS4 to sell poorly, and only made a handful of units available for preorder, that's all. Unless there's real numbers, news like this...
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    John McAfee Reveals "Decentral" Anti-NSA-Spying Gadget

    I'll give him the benefit of a doubt. It'll work ... sure ... and double your ping times. Right?
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    Batman: Arkham Origins to Have Ultra-Hard Permadeath Mode

    I approve of this and all, except ... FUCK OFF WITH UNLOCKING DIFFICULTY SETTINGS. Look, you may think it's dumb as bricks to blindly play on a hardcore setting, but knowing what's going to happen already makes games like this trivial.
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    Poll: Preferred means of travel in Saints Row IV

    Usually, sprint/jumps, just so I can grab collectibles on the way. But, if I need to go from one end of the map to the other, I'll call in a flier.
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    UK and Australian retail stores reduce Nintendo Stock.

    Only people who are clueless shop at Dick Smith Electronics. It's a far cry from the olden days, when that genius Dick Smith ran the stores, when you could pick up all the parts to build yourself a kickass custom CB radio. These days you only acknowledge the stores' existence with profound...
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    3DS Surpasses Lifetime Wii Sales in Japan

    Wait, Nobunaga's Ambition? Romance of 3 Kingdoms? Are they remakes of the Koei games, or just ports? I'm gonna google the crap out of them now ... I played the whole Koei library to death back in the day.
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    Mojang's Scrolls Gets Major Update in October

    So, are they actually naming it the Hearthstone update? 'cos damn, you can't get more blatant than that.
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    Xbox One Supports Four Apps, Six Users At Once

    ... So this is why the console reserves 3 GB of RAM for use by the OS? What happened to the days of "the consoles are optimised to run games as best as the hardware will allow?"
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    Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 4

    5AINT5 ROW Obviously.
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    DC Comics Characters in Cosplay

    Maybe someone thought she was dressing up like WW from the Injustice game, and told her she doesn't look enough like a man.
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    Poll: Inclusion Vs. Exclusion

    When did we agree to anything? Just 'cos it's not applicable in common parlance, doesn't mean it's inapplicable by the dictionary definition. Anyways, it's simple. By doing the exact same thing as every other instance of classism. Someone who doesn't play DoA looks down on someone who...
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    Poll: Inclusion Vs. Exclusion

    I already snub the equivalent of Gamestop 'cos they're beneath me. See how classism works? :P Seriously though, I spend thousands a year on gaming, and the retarded practices of large retail chains don't get any of it. Classism happens everywhere. Even in fighting games. Here's an...