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    Does your University treat you like an adult?

    Well, I'm about to find out. I start at university tomorrow, and from what I've heard so far, the staff are pretty good. Just a matter of time, I guess.
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    Exam Screw-Up Implies Giant Robots Took Part in the Russian Revolution

    So, I did this exam yesterday, and no-one in my class noticed this at all. Not even the teacher noticed. Also, nice going VCAA. Nicely done.
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    It's Midnight...and there's someone outside your window

    Either *literally* shit my pants in terror, or grab the knife from my bedside drawer (was a present, got nowhere else to keep it) and yell incoherently at him. Also try and figure out how he climbed onto the second storey of my house.
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    Poll: What is your stance on swearing?

    ^This. As a true Australian, it's customary to swear in every fuckin' sentence we speak or write, list this one. So yeah, I swear like a sailor, and if you don't like it, deal with it. Ya *****. EDIT: Please note that's sarcasm. I don't want people quoting me tearing me a new one. So sod off.
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    Broken mechanics! (Good and bad)

    No, before you ask, this thread's not about that guy who did a shoddy job of fixing your car. I was killing time on Reddit (as you do) and saw a decent summary of Morrowind's magic system, specifically the *massive* area-of-effect for spells: I swear the default allowed for simply massive...
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    What was the most recent Zero Puncuation when you first happen upon this site?

    Super Mario Galaxy. Took me a little while to actually join the site, but hey, I was lazy.
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    What's your life's "that"?

    I'm yet to have a 'that' moment to define. The most prominent I can think of was being diagnosed with T1 diabetes, but I was 8, and didn't really think much of it. Even then, that was the first really important thing in my life, so saying something happened 'before that' is kind of a moot point...
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    Data cap issues?

    My cap is 200 GB, and with me, my brother, sister, and parents, we usually rack up about 80-100 GB a month pretty easily. Then again, Telstra are still greedy shitbags, since it costs $90 a month for the 200 jiggabytes. Even if we do go over, we still get 'unlimited' internet, just slow as...
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    Your top 3 game soundtracks

    Now I'm all sad. That song brings back some serious memories of the first playthrough. I got really invested in Bastion, then it all ends... :'( Mine are: 1. Bastion (anyone that's heard it knows how good it is) 2. Fallout New Vegas (particularly the Mysterious Broadcast from Old World...
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    Do you drink coffee?

    Yeah, I'm fond of coffee. I'll usually have 2 cups a day (one before school, one after school with a snack or something), sometimes 3 if it's a long day at school or a weekend. Might not seem like much, but I have 3 teaspoons of coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar, so they're quite strong. If I...
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    Poll: Fallout3 vs. Fallout:New Vegas

    I'll keep my argument simple: I've played through Fallout 3 three times. I've played through New Vegas six. I think that sums it up pretty well.
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    Artificial Pancreas Passes Human Trial

    Well then. As a T1 diabetic (10 years in December! Yay, I guess) this is wonderful news! Looks like I'm on the path to becoming a fully-fledged cyborg. Now to find a group of 5 brains-in-tanks to transport me to a crater via satellite and replace my brain, heart and spine with upgraded tech...
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    Man crushes?

    Huh, 32 posts and not a mention of Isaiah "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Mustafa, aka. THE Old Spice Man. Need I say any more?
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    Biggest pain you've ever felt?

    My worst pain, although somewhat less painful that most other people's, was my first insulin injection I ever had. I would have been 8 at the time, and if you can imagine something for me, it would help: Imagine having some painful icy-cold mix being injected into your arm and, for about 5...
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    If you were to die today...

    Let's see... I've done not much with my life. I've spent more time playing video games than I have slept. I've never actually done anything risky or stepped outside of my comfort zone. My life has been, so far, incredibly uninteresting and monotonous. So, if I were to die today, I wouldn't be...