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    EA: Dungeon Keeper Failed by "Innovating Too Much"

    Wow EA just shut up. You're just so offensively bad at PR. You could just fire every spokesperson for the company and exchange it for a cat. Your sales would go up immensely overnight. So when you gut and murder the next beloved franchise and a reporter asks for any comments you would just get...
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    Jimquisition: Diversity? LIEversity!

    Very rarely checking in on this site anymore. Good to see that Jim is doing the same old though.
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    My daughter is named Tali'Zorah. I suppose I'm crazy : )

    Yeah it's always i really like this name or my wife husband really likes this name. It's a important issue think about it in great detail. This is not about you it will greatly affect your childs life. Don't be selfish and give her the name you think would benefit her the most.
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    Skyrim: I think it's overrated. Or am I totally missing the point?

    Skyrim is a game with the size of a lake and the depth of a pond.
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    Jimquisition: The Wacky Harassment Blame Parade

    What are we getting angry about this week. People harassing other people on the internet. Well then good luck making that go away. I'm sure this discussion will be the breaking point that will make it all better.
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    Free Radicals

    Sigh at least try to be subtle about it comic creator. You may as well have your next comic just say "Mens rights? More like patriarchy privileges amirite".
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    The Great Debate

    Yeah people have fought countless wars over the ability to say and stand for what you want and died in the millions for it. But you know if people send some hate your way just blanket censor everyone because that helps. The new thing is censoring and it's going to get much worse.
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    Nintendo Misses Profits Forecast By 50 Percent

    Nintendo actually made profit in a year with a new console with a crap library. They didn't meet their imaginary profit goal oh noes. I'm calling it now 2014 is going to be crazy profitable for Nintendo.
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    Man Jailed For Viewing "Pixie And Troll" Porn

    Ah thanks for the hate releasing gifs they were strangely calming.
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    Man Jailed For Viewing "Pixie And Troll" Porn

    Yeah imprison a dude for looking at drawn imaginary picture of fictional races. What's next thought police? When did we give up freedom for imagined security?
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    Capcom Wants to Cut Ties With The West, Increase DLC

    Suddenly i'm not buying Capcom games anymore this was the drop that made the glass run over.
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    My life of rainbows and sunshine (the fallacy)

    Yeah i'm pretty sure this is because of the victim mentality pretty much every group seem to be full of these days. Society has never been better but people like to whine. Of course a lot of these groups have legitimate problems. it seems though that a majority of them wants people, especially...
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    Why is 'white knighting' seen as such a bad thing?

    If you abstain from harassing someone because they're a woman you're white knighting. That would imply that you would harass them if they were male. I guess you meant something else though?
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    Pathfinder Online Modfies Magic for MMO Mojo

    Is this the niche mmo war version of wow clones? There exists this game called DDO and after years of patching and free content it's pretty awesome now.
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    On Dongles

    At convention changes to optional afterparty. Yeah nothing like some good fact twisting and obscuring to make it fit a agenda. We really need gender topics to be fused with politics and religion btw.