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    Fan Cuts The Hobbit Trilogy Into a Single, Four-Hour Movie

    Wow that was fast. I knew someone was going to do it. just didn't think it was going to be taht soon.
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    The Big Picture: The New Originals

    You sold me on this movie when you said Del Toro is directing the movie. Before that I really didn't pay any attention to the movie at all. Didn't watch any trailers, or seen any press. However I will support the movie for one fact. I want a certain rated R film Del Toro wants to get made...
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    No Right Answer: Best Version of A Christmas Carol Ever

    The Muppets Christmas Carol all the way. For one main reason. You can watch the Muppets Christmas Carol with the whole family. You can't do the same with Scrooged. I know my nephews would get scared by that movie.
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    Let's Remake Star Wars

    I would like to see this happen, However i think the internet would meltdown. You remember the outrage of when they replaced Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen at the end of Jedi. Now think of when they have a remake with a complete new cast. Still I think it is a great Idea, and maybe...
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    Jimquisition: Resident Evil 6 Is the Epitome of Survival Horror

    I was going to vote for you Jim, but you drank your running mate and I don't know how your going to find a better choice then milk.
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    The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

    I miss Freakzoid, was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.
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    Researchers Remotely Control Cockroaches With Electronic Backpack

    In the process of reading this article and all the posts in this thread I have killed a cockroach, So yeah no problem with this at all. Now I can't wait for the other creations that can be found in the movie "Fifth Element". Just never thought the Cockroach spy bug was ever going to be invented.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Prepare for PAX

    Woah you guys have way too many dice. Now don't get me wrong I've owned about that many throughout my dnd carrer, however my dice have the habit of flying out the windows when they roll double 1's.
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    Jimquisition: EA versus Zynga - The Lesser of Two Evils

    Just wanted to say that was an awesome Bane Impersonation.
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    No Right Answer: Worst Comic Book Death Ever

    They should have given Superman a point when his book fell off the shelf.
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    No Right Answer: Best Cutscenes Ever

    Hmm this is a tough one. Out of the two i can't really judge since I haven't played Max Payne, but i did really enjoy Brawls Cutscenes. I mean just to see the interactions between the characters was amazing and was worth playing though the game. Now my favorite Cutscene in a game.. Well I'm...
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    Poll: ME3 EC didn't fix anything

    I personally enjoyed the new endings. All the old endings were improved. While the Synth ending wasn't the best I still loved EDI's transformation. Don't know what it was, but It just felt like she grew as a character with that ending. And of course my favorite ending had to be Shoot the Star...
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    ME3 Extended Cut Are You Appeased *Video Spoilers*

    I am now happy with the new endings, just finished playing through all 4... The refusal ending was just perfect and exactly what my Shepard would have done. "Wait your the one controlling the Reapers... and have been so the entire time... Why the hell am I going to listen to you know... Boom..."...
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    Mass Effect 3 Fans Will Find Closure June 26th

    I just played through Three out of four of the endings and I do have to say it's better. It's an actual ending, it gives closure, and fills majority of those glaringly bad plot holes. You are able to actually ask questions of the blue kid and are able to find out more of what the hell is...
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    Worst alien invasion movie of all time

    Probably cause no one watched the movie lol. I saw it but I can't remember anything about it. Probably cause was soo stupid i blocked the memory of the movie. The worst Alien Invasion Movie has to be Star Trek 4: Voyage Home. I mean really they went back in time to get some Hump Back Whales...