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    Poll: How bad do you procrastinate.

    On the first day of this school year, September 2, a project was introduced for history. We were told it would be a major deciding factor in our grade, something like 20%. It is due in a matter of weeks, and I still have not even started it, and have no intention to until the night before it's...
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    Grievances about Skyrim

    I've had it crash to desktop without warning about once every two or three hours. And as a stealth build, the followers suck. They always get detected then draw attention to me. Since I have sneak 100, I can just creep up behind people and backstab them while their friend stands right next to...
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    Is Skyrim Multiplayer possible?

    I remember seeing an Oblivion multiplayer mod, so I would say it is possible. I'd just like the ability to have a friend control a companion or something, explore the wilderness together. On launch night, my friend came over to my house after we both got it and we played side-by-side, me on PC...
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    Wait, the companions can die? Because I saw Lydia hit by a giant, go flying 500 feet in the air, come flying back down, and go right back to attacking the bastard that did it to her.
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    I either live on Titan Station (been replaying Dead Space 2) or in the world of Scribblenauts (was playing on my iPad earlier today) depending on your interpretation of what counts as a real game. I'd much prefer the latter.
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    What are your favorite fan-fics?

    Cupcakes! And My Immortal is pretty good too. Damn, twice-Ninja'd. And here I was thinking I'd be first to say Cupcakes...
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    A Game of Thrones: Genesis Review

    And this is what we get instead of the Bethesda RPG, because Bethesda wanted to make Skyrim instead. Disappointing doesn't even begin to describe it.
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    Rumor: Russian Skyrim Map Leaked

    I thought that Todd Howard had confirmed in an interview that they were only doing five cities this time around, but putting more effort into making them more unique than the Oblivion ones. Still, I'm not complaining. Nine cities is fine by me.
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    1/7000000000000 or 50/50

    It's not that it's either him or not him, it's that it's either him, or that guy, or that guy, or that guy, or that guy, etc. If you're rolling a 6-sided die, the odds of any one side is 1/6. Six sides, one side can come up. The odds of rolling a 4 aren't 50/50, because there are five other ways...
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    So, would you have done the same?

    I've saved house centipedes from death. My mom's terrified of them, but I'll just sweep them into a cup and toss them outside. Same with spiders and all other bugs. I actually felt bad today, because some sort of insect (I don't know what) landed on my friend's backpack. She hates insects...
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    Awesome games you've only recently discovered

    Morrowind. My only experience with the Elder Scrolls came from a bit of Oblivion on PS3 a few years ago, which I really could not get into. However, the gameplay demo for Skyrim looked interesting, so I bought Morrowind and Oblivion on Steam, and I'm absolutely loving them both now.
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    What game did you have fun with, but never finished it.

    Most Bethesda RPGs. I can never finish them because I always get sidetracked.
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    An authors betrayal

    Surprised it took three whole posts before someone mentioned SOIaF. There were a few major scenes that really were painful as a reader. I still haven't finished the fourth book despite having started it back in July, simply because after what happens near the end of book 3 demoralized me. I will...
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    Cartoons CAN be Mature!

    In the comic, the Tales of the Black Freighter was a series that was at the newsstand that Rorschach would visit. It was used as an example of how comic would be different in a world where heroes were real, because no one would find them interesting subjects for comics any more. It was left out...
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    Has/did your school ever pull a dick move?

    Probably the totalitarian rules regarding electronics usage. This was at lunch last year, I had my iPhone out during lunch in the lunchroom (so not in a class, not distracting to the learning environment) and I was looking up a Chinese word I needed to finish my homework. The school's assigned...