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    When criticism kept you from buying a game you REALLY wanted

    Never. If I truly want something then no power in the verse will stop me
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    Games you wish could be remade

    Id really like to see Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura redone with just updated graphics and a bit more balance in the game play between the magic and technology aspects. Really one of my all time favorite games and what really got me into RPGs for life
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    What do you want to happen to your body when you die?

    I wish to be stuffed and mounted on my porch with a motion activated voice box to scare the grandkids.
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    "Homos: Murderers and Paedophiles"

    I really wish I were as nasty and evil minded as these fools make me out to be....might liven up this dead town a bit -_-
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    Last book you read that made you go WOW!

    I finally got talked into reading some of the Twilight series. Made me go "WOW! People actually like this crap?"
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    The real reason MW3 stars an American cast (quit complaining)

    Good hypothesis, makes sense to me. But let me say as an American I really wouldn't care if I were playing a Russian, Chinese, German, Australian, Canadian, etc etc etc soldier or who I was shooting. Hell make a game all set in Iraq or Afghanistan where you fight the Americans, wouldn't bother...
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    Questions you hate being asked

    "Have you found Jesus?"....hate that question.
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    Strange things you've done in games.

    um...ok, didnt ask your opinion but w/e tickles your pickle.
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    Strange things you've done in games.

    I ran around saints row 2 completely naked kicking people in the groin for about 5hrs straight. Granted in my defense I was retarded stoned.
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    Poll: Didnt you just Hate the New Vegas DLC DeadMoney...?

    Loved it...after HH and OWB I was just kinda "meh, fun to give my character something to do...but meh"....DM and LR though I really thought were excellent.
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    Poll: Should people wait until they're married to have sex?

    Its a stupid idea. You are wanting to tie your life to this person forever, yet you do this before youve gone to bed. I dunno about you but I always test drive the car before the down payment.
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    Southpark, the RPG

    Oh man I agree totally, though for me Id like an open world Adult Swim game. And I really really really hope Im wrong, but...the past dictates Id better not be that optimistic.
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    Southpark, the RPG

    Crap obsidian is doing this? Its going to crash like every 5 mins =(
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    Poll: The Evolution of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind vs Oblivion vs Skyrim

    Im digging Skyrim. I had my reservations about it too and am quite glad i took the $60 leap of faith to buy it. And I love the spellcasting and archery combat so far. Though I must admit the only 2 bugs I have run into really dont bother me; one where wolves keep getting stuck in rocks/landscape...
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    Poll: Challenged to a duel

    Flamethrowers at 10 paces. Just to see if he would go through with it.