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    Is Nintendo Back? Company Reports Unexpected Profits

    And so it seems the "Nintendo is doomed" predictions were somewhat misplaced. Just as they have been every year since 1998...
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    [Update 2] How/why are console gamers satisfied with 30 fps?

    TVs set for 30 fps? Christ man, how old is your TV then? The standard TV refresh rate for every LCD is 60hz, you're confusing the frame rate of film with the refresh rate of a screen. It's nothing about keeping a standard and all about ease of optimising, 30 is seen as an acceptable bare...
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    Friday Box Office: Ninja Turtles Defeat Marvel's Guardians

    Michael Bay squats out another turd, people lap it up and taste of the human race continues to depress me.
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    Satoru Iwata Re-Elected as Nintendo President

    "There were concerns that Iwata might lose his position this year, as his approval rating has been steadily declining from its all time high of 92.9% in 2011, down to just 77.3% last year." An approval rating of JUST 77.3%? Politicians would kill for that sort of rating, the Republicans...
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    Friday Box-Office: Teen Weepie Crushes Cruise

    I tried reading The Fault in Our Stars and I had to give up, its just awful, the dialogue had me cringing, and hearing that "I'm a grenade" line in the trailer, dear God I didn't think it could get worse than it was reading it but nope, my expectations have been surpassed. Then again, between...
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    Game of Thrones Book Series May Extend to Eight Books - Update

    Don't get so defensive, I never said it was as bad as Wheel of Time, that became so slow I skipped a Jordans last book and jumped straight to the Sanderson ones, but that it was falling into that slow, rambling, lots of people moving around but doing nothing problem that WoT did, if it ever gets...
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    Game of Thrones Book Series May Extend to Eight Books - Update

    Dance with Dragons was so dull I'm not sure I can stomach another one. It seems to have fallen into the same problem that Wheel of Time did in that things are just getting dragged out mercilessly.
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    FTL: Advanced Edition release date confirmed

    Speaking as someone who has sunk more than 200 hours into FTL all I can say is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    FTL: Advanced Edition News Update - Clone Bays, Hacking And More

    Is it weird that this is my most anticipated game of this year?
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    Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM Restrictions - UPDATED

    Assuming they get rid of the DRM will they also reverse the stance on game ownership? Because unless I'm allowed to own the games I buy rather than just licensing them I'm still not touching the Xbox One.
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    Nintendo E3 a little underwhelming

    "Am I the only Nintendo fan who expected a lot more?" Why would you though? Nintendo said, months ago, that they weren't having a big conference and would just be using E3 to reveal the next wave of games. It just seems underwhelming compared to what Sony and MS were revealing but Nintendo...
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    Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300-$500, Be Always-Online

    Well its safe to say that if these rumours turn out to be true then this console will tank, big time, Neo Geo levels of failure.
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    EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters

    So at pretty much the same time when EA gets an award for being an awful company this story has emerged: In a nutshell, EA has received lots of letters of complaint over the option for...
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    But being an ignorant troglodyte is sooo much easier than opening Google and typing in a few words to acquire an answer. Seriously though, I'm afraid that you're wasting your time, people like that don't care about whether they're correct or not, only that they can spew their bile and...
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    Final Fantasy XIII, why quit after Gran Pulse?

    I quit just as I got there (after the fight with Alexander) because I was so bored and tired of the game I couldn't take it any more, 25 hours of clopping down linear corridors and that awful combat system had broken me.