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    Cliffy B Turned Down Offer From Hideo Kojima to Work on Silent Hill(s)

    Here is 3 stories where he raged about the retraction of the always online but dont let that get in the way of your passive aggressive snarky jabs at me.
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    Violence Gets Political in The Purge: Election Year Trailer

    I rolled my eyes when and groaned when I saw the trailer start but by the end it looks like it has a solid enough story to be watchable unlike the other 2 which were wank.
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    Cliffy B Turned Down Offer From Hideo Kojima to Work on Silent Hill(s)

    He is more a Phil Fish kind of celebrity in gaming due to him being a jackass shill. He was one of the ppl telling console gamers to suck it up and accept it when the always online of the Bone was announced.
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    Deadpool - This is a Self-Aware Review Title

    Just saw it I liked it for the most part but the romantic subplot dragged the movie down for me. Reynolds did nail the part he was Deadpool and I am glad they went R rated. The only other let down was the Deadpool didn't have much of a fight scene with Gina. Colossus is too much of a boy scout...
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    Which anime called Ranma 1/2 is your favourite?

    I loved the Manga but the anime (note I only saw the dub) was annoying. I personally love harem manga since they are always fun to read. to your question My fav character was always Shampoo i loved her bubbly personality and her shamelessness.
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    Will Smith Says Bad Boys 3 Is "Definitely" Happening

    Normally to make a sequel this long after the original run I would say the actors will look to old for their parts but Will and Martin actually look pretty good for their ages. I have to wonder though if their ages in this new movie will be a thing and if there will be a torch passing attempt to...
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    CBS' Star Trek Reboot Signs Hannibal's Bryan Fuller As Showrunner

    Well if it is written better the an the JJ trek movies it will already peak my interest. Although I really hate how it sounds like it is a reboot of the first series. I personally didn't like ST:TOS as much as i liked ST:TNG.
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    The Choice - These Films Must Be Stopped!

    Well if you can hold them off till next week or the weekend you could go with them and then sneak into deadpool while they watch that crap.
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    8 of the Most Time Consuming Anime

    This List makes me wonder what if Berserk had gone beyond the Golden Age arc how many eps would it be at? Which in turn makes me kinda sad.
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    Dark Souls III Screenshots Show Return to Firelink Shrine

    If you time your rolls right u can roll through the spokes and avoid using the slots that get you trapped by the skellies. OT: I still need to play and platinum Bloodbourne before I get this one. I just hope they remember to make it a trip through the realm of dead gods like DS1 and not a...
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    Is The Old Republic worth it?

    Both of the sith stories felt cliche to me but the IA is good. If you mouth off to the sith lords your working for as the IA they actually punish you instead of tolerate it like in most of these games. Of the Republic characters only the Trooper (female trooper is voiced by Jen Hale fyi) is...
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    Release Date Announced for Five Nights at Freddy's RPG, FNaF World

    Why bother with this when you can play Five Nights at Fuckboys instead? Seems like its the same concept except FNAFB is less cutesy and more raunchy.
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    Alan Rickman of Die Hard and Harry Potter Fame Passes Away At 69

    That rule of three thing with celbs is really is chilling sometimes eh?
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    8 of the Most Terrifying Movie Monsters

    You should see Slither its one of those horror movies that is both scary and funny at the same time.
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    Doomsday May Have A Role Beyond Batman v Superman

    As it goes on this film just gets more and more overstuffed.Its a shame that they want to blow their whole load in the first movie. The way they are doing this would be like if Marvel had tried to jam Iron Man 1, Cap America, and Hulk into one film with a dash of the Avengers thrown in.