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    On Being Deliberately Offensive

    Mortal Kombat and DOOM's violence is deliberately cartoonish and over the top, which takes away from the impact. That makes it rather hard to compare them to other media that contains violence against human beings. Killing innocent people isn't the point in those games and even SR and GTA...
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    Screen Legend Christopher Lee Dies at 93

    You think we should put a stake through his heart, just to be sure?
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    Characters you find yourself immediately liking

    Brucie from Grand Theft Auto IV immediately endeared me with his unabashed enthusiasm in a sea of relentless cynicism.
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    Developers pretending worse graphics are better graphics.

    To me, graphics are secondary to having solid gameplay and stable code. I'll accept a simpler visual style if it comes with a solid foundation, but all I'm seeing is "Graphics! High-quality graphics! Photorealism!" on top of a clone of last year's model with minimal attention paid to bugs and...
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    Worst examples of blatant fanservice

    It's been mentioned a lot. I found Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture full of clumsy fanservice, of both kinds. Every cameo from Fatal Fury characters who weren't the power trio was forced and completely unnecessary. Their contributions to the plot (if any) were virtually irrelevant. Any generic...
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    Activision Boss Predicts Rising Game Development Costs

    Dagnabbit, I was going to make that joke!
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    Anime. Opinion and recommendations.

    You might like Azumanga Daioh. It's not fantasy, sci-fi, or monster fighting. It's a slice-of-life series about a group of high school girls over the course of a year. It's cute and funny and great to watch with friends or family.
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    Depression: Describing it and anyone here ever have it?

    Every time I think there's hope, the little demon in my head drowns it out with doubts and projections of failure. I lived with this demon for so long that it's my "normal." It's crippled my social development. It sabotages every attempt to claw my way out of the abyss it made for me. I'm...
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    G4 Cancels Videogame Programming

    When I first got digital cable, I wanted TechTV. I watched it a lot as a nerdling. Almost from the moment G4 took it over, I stopped. I read more about it and learned it was a near-textbook hostile takeover and the post-TechTV network was doomed to fail from the beginning. The network execs...
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    Hugo Weaving Finished With Red Skull

    Since Mr. Weaving's face was Red Skull's mask, it's not that far a stretch to put another actor in the role.
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    The most Crushing things people have said to you.

    I had been trying to get a hold of a friend I hadn't talked to for years. I finally sent him a text message "Whatever I did, I'm sorry. Please talk to me." The reply was painful to read, and he was right. He had deliberately cut ties because he had tried to help me and I'd thrown his help...
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    Poll: Are gamers good in bed?

    How am I supposed to know if nobody will give me a chance?
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    EA: Some Gamers Just Don't Like Change

    I liked what Jim had to say in this week's Jimquisition: product boycotts don't work because publishers don't see it the way consumers do. Where we see "don't buy it to protest the publisher's business tactics," the publisher sees "Consumers aren't buying it, don't make anything like that...
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    Poll: Rape is totally okay to joke about, right guys?

    Or in a forum where somebody who's lost family to it can read it.
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    Escape to the Movies: Rock of Ages

    I got to see a preview on Wednesday. I saw the broad archetypes and I knew it would end on a high note. I didn't come in with high expectations. I still enjoyed it. Sure it's not Oscar bait and follows the basic romance formula, but it's got satire pointed at the music industry and moral...