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    Most emotional anime ending (Anti-spoiler)

    I'm going to pick an anime that has never been picked and go with the first season of Tegami Bachi. Not in the sad emotional sense but in the what the fuck sense.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Annette: Internet Receptionist

    Respect for the wikipedia philosphy ending nudge :D
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    Gen Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

    That girl heard you liked mudkips apparently
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    You now ARE the last thing you killed in a video game.

    Dunno, some champion from the league, for the sake of it, ima say I killed nocturne last. Feels good. Forecast for tonight? Dark... with a chance of pain.
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    I'm giving away Frozen Synapse (Ends at 3am GMT) (Winner Selected!)

    Oooh pick me random WoW /roll :D
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    Respawn Releases an Awfully Blurry Teaser Image

    I hope this clears some things up for people. Oh god i'm so witty.
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    Crytek Denies DirectX 11 Patch for Crysis 2

    I can just smell the incoming rage. But I'm having fun with measly DX9 and the Hall map just looks like a 1080p killzone :D
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    nah dont worry, reading the second page is overrated anyway.
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    Ergo proxy is as mature as you can friggin' get, hell your IQ goes up from just watching it.
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    Mysterious Michigan Death Eerily Similar to Persona 4

    Yes, yes it is... but i prefer persona 3, better story/ending :D
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    Fraps recording 3 minute, 5 GB movies? Why?

    The file size limit is usually 3.9GB or 4.9GB and it will cut it off then.
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    Fraps recording 3 minute, 5 GB movies? Why?

    All the movies are meant to be that big from fraps, as they are uncompressed, this lets you have better frame rates when recording. 1) Open virtual dub 2) Open movie (first part) 3) Append avi segment for each part afterwards (in order) 4) Go to compression and use the following: Codec...
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    Spawn Camping Marathon Gets Black Ops Players Banned

    /facepalm This is just stupid, plan, simply stupid.
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    This guy, his name is wiseman and he is right. Following either his or my post will basically do the same thing :P.
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    You probably have a virus. I recommend using a powerful antivirus such as Superantispyware or Combofix (if its a rootkit) Either 1) ^- do that if it continues go find a program called combofix