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    Games that are easy once you know what you're doing.

    Dead Rising. I went into it not knowing anything about how the game worked and didn't realise you should be restarting the campaign with all your experience from your last effort (for some reason I didn't understand the menu options after I died and kept restarting from scratch). Also found...
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    Review: 007 Blood Stone

    So the reviewer is basically saying that this very average game relies heavily on the fact it has "James Bond" written on the game case?
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    i c whut u did thar
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    Ha! I was checking these comments to see if there's any explanation. Sure, it's only 40 minutes late, but we internet folk are intolerant of tardiness. We want something to anonymously rip apart on time.
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    Zero Punctuation: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    Squeezed enough ads in there, Escapist? I'm pretty sure you can get some fucking more in before the video actually starts.
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    Zero Punctuation: MindJack

    I got to the end of the video and was amazed that there was no childish mention of the masturbatory sound to the name, and was starting to respect Yahtzee again when lo and behold...yeah.
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    Zero Punctuation: Minecraft

    "Glesgae"? Just a warning to anybody who might be thinking of visiting Scotland, perhaps to trace non-existent family roots: going into Glasgow and calling it "Glesgae" is a sure fire way to have your eyes gouged out with broken bottles - and that's just from the grannies.
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    Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2010

    Instead of watching clips clumsily edited together, I spent 5 minutes in silence contemplating whether Yahtzee's videos have simply dropped in quality or if the novelty of them is starting to wear off, and either way lamenting how I'm not as big a fan of a single source of free entertainment as...
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    Zero Punctuation: Alpha Protocol

    What's this about your novel? Wish there was something on the end of this video to enlighten me.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

    Wow. Silly me for thinking the remaining video at the end will be decent extra content. No, just shameless self promotion because a certain book isn't selling as well as once thought and some chick saying "I wanna write a song for Yahtzee - can you guys write it for me?". Outstanding.
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    Zero Punctuation: Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Good video, but I'll give the novel a wide berth if you don't mind.
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    Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 2

    I don't know why my favourite part of this video was the lovely drawn Koenigsegg. Anyway, been a while since a video as good as this one. Cheers.
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    Biggest waste of money

    Well, this I will say is my personal opinion, but it seems to me that the Escapist got really lucky with Zero Punctuation and can't quite believe it themselves. They now roll out a whole lot of new garbage, probably with the thinking "we don't like it but they might", hoping it will be the next...
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    Biggest waste of money

    Aww, beat me to it. Although I wouldn't have emphasized it as just my personal opinion as if people who choose to pay for it are not special in the head.
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    Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

    Well, at least the animation quality is hilarious...