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    LoadingReadyRun: The New Chess

    Nice Foxtrot reference. Love that comic. I spent many hours of my childhood adding new rules to chess myself and this skit brought back a few memories as well as the desire to try it. Hopefully the next chess patch adds in social networking functions and a "share online" button.
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    Games you just...stopped playing

    Star Wars Jedi Academy. I loved outcast but good grief is this one annoying. Sure you get to "customize your own character and lightsaber: but that has no impact on the game other than animation. And the animation and voice acting is awful to the extreme. Kyle and Luke were both emotionless...
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    Your Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges

    when I have some time and nothing new to play sometimes I take an older game that I haven't played in a while (half life 2, portal 2, bioshock, Jedi outcast etc) and see how far I can play through without dying. No warm ups, no guides and I quit after the first death. I like to imagine that the...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Cave

    My first thought after playing it was I can't wait to see the zero punctuation review of this! I've played through 2 times (haven't done the twins) and I think I will wait a few months before doing the 3rd time. There are a few good moments and the puzzles are nice the first time, speaking as...
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    if you could erase ONE game from your memory to play it for the first time again...

    Portal and Portal 2. I would love to play it again without knowing about the cake jokes, or how it was going to end. I can still almost remember the feeling of finishing one of the more challenging levels or trying to save my poor companion cube. Wasn't the same the second time around. Bioshock...
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    Things that you never use in games

    health potions after I get a heal spell there is no point in carrying them. anything "lore" including scrolling text between missions and long dialogs/quest description because all you need to know is "if it bleeds, kill it, if its not nailed down collect it and if it screams for help protect...
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    Gameloft Breaks Out the Clone Machine for WoW-Like Order & Chaos

    I have several Gameloft titles on my iPhone. I agree that Gameloft games are mostly rip offs of other popular console titles. Blades of Fury feels and plays like Soul Caliber. Gangstar plays like GTA. Brothers in Arms is your WW2 shooter. NOVA is a blant Halo rip off. Heroes of Sparta is your...
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    Review: Alpha Protocol

    It is really funny that while I was watching the video, the pop up ads where all for Alpha Protocol. Even the ad spot seems slapped together and half made.
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    Evony & Irony

    Is it just me or has Evony finally changed their ads. I haven't seen one in a while. Instead I have seen 2 different ads that feature castles and actually game content. Could it be that they finally listened to the hundreds of gamers?
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    What would your Sith name be?

    Darth Jerak...... Used to be a Huge Star Wars fan. Not so much anymore although I still like it and have kept the name, been using it for years. Darth Vader is still one of the greatest villains of all time.
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    If the console wars was an actual war...

    I love the idea of Apple sitting back in a ergonomic lawn chair watching the factions beat the snot out of each other, While they watch they are sorting through photo albums and listening to an iPod. Then after countless hours, photo's and playlists, the Apple faction gets a though.... wait, we...
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    Evony & Irony

    I also used to play Civony (Evony), and you are right. Most of the people this game attracts are problem people. Sure there are some nice people but a lot of them leave. The chats are full of people asking for girls to webcam and people screaming cuss words at no one. The only good thing is that...