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    How EA Can Regain Trust on the PC

    What I wouldn't give for another (good) Mercenaries game, Or even just a HD remaster of the first one. Not the second one though that was a piece of shit.
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    EA is "on a Journey" to Regain PC Gamer Trust

    Are they trying to one up Microsoft with this announcement?
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    Stan Lee Wants to Merge Marvel and Star Wars Universes

    Yeah, we'll get back to you on that one Stan. Honest!
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    The 4 Worst Films of 2015

    I'm wondering is it still OK to like Happy Gilmore? With every new terrible Adam Sandler movie I feel more and more ambivalent to it.
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    Five Actors Who Should Play Gordon Freeman in A Half-Life Movie

    I was just about to bemoan the lack of Bryan Cranston love, well done sir! Seriously there'd be barely any makeup work needed with Bryan Cranston, I mean ok he may be a little too old but fuck it.
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    Netflix's Movie Catalogue Is About to Get a *Lot* Smaller

    I really think sites need to quantify which netflix they mean in articles, Or I need to take into account whether a site is US or UK based. I'm leaning towards the former.
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    Remembering Spore

    And that's a shame. Because as boring as I find Spore, I would gladly put my money down if Maxis was allowed to give the idea another try. Do you mean the Maxis of back then, or the Maxis that released Sim City (2014)? I'm pretty sure the Maxis we have now would balls it up spectacularly.
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    Dear Microsoft: So You Want to Support PC Gaming Again?

    Fallout 3 works just fine GFWL hasn't made a peep. I'm playing through it now and when I installed it, I was expecting a hassle to disable it, which didn't materialise, Yay! I'd argue with you that GFWL is/was worse than Uplay, after trying to play PoP: Forgotten sands Up[lay seems to thing I...
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    What Games Would You Like To See On GOG?

    I'd like to see Mech Warrior 3 over 4 to be honest, also Sentinel: Returns. I have a boxed copy of it but it's just impossible to get running.
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    8 Must-Have Skyrim Mods

    As others have said the alternate start is a must and I'll add Perkus Maximus. it's a perk overhaul. Also belt fastened quivers and the dance of death.
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    The Walking Dead: Darkest Before The Dawn (of the Dead)

    I'm thinking i watched a different ep from everyone else. Worst episode ever in my opinion. :/
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    8 Space Games to Take You to the Stars

    Good list! Shame the X series got no love but I won't hold that against you. Also I want to play Elite Dangerous in the worst way. Just a shame i need a new computer before i can.
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    8 Examples of DLC that Doesn't Suck

    Well i'll be damned gallery of the day got good! Nice work fella!
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    LEGO Unveils Epic 3000-Piece Avengers Helicarrier

    Damn! That looks freaking sweet! Shame i don't have room for it. :/
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    Report: Disney is Eyeing Chris Pratt to be The Next Indiana Jones

    I've heard of worse ideas. I'm gonna give this a tentative thumbs up for now.