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    The Big Picture: Q&A

    Judas Rocking Priest, Bob read my question and answered it! And gave one hell of an answer. As for what I think are bad Simpsons episodes, I'd say they're the ones with unsubtle political commentary, where they lecture us (the viewers) instead of make jokes, but the worst of that bunch, to me...
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    Critical Mix: 007

    Yay, Gunny's back! And now, I'm getting the schedule right: new strips every Tuesday AND Thursday. Still used to coming here once a week for Yahtzee since the Mass Exodus of Content Creators.
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    Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man

    I liked the different ways he said the game's title, escalating all the way to Marvel's Disney's Sony's Stan Lee's Steve Ditko's Giant-Size Man-Thing. I agree about the forced stealthing around as non-powered Spider-Man's friends, interrupting the fun of playing as Spider-Man. That's lame. And...
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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    I'm giving it a wait-and-see attitude to see how SHAZAM!, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman '84 turn out, and to hear something definite about Superman's casting. But Bob's right; it's the writers and directors who should decide the tone that fits the story.
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    Critical Mix: 006

    I wonder if Rad Panda's facing the same problems Sonic and Crash Bandicoot have: their publishers not knowing how to best use those guys. Well, good to know one of the Crazy Taxi drivers is still getting regular work.
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    Zero Punctuation: Shenmue

    I still have a Dreamcast (haven't played it in years) and I successfully avoided both Shenmue games because I heard they were NOT a non-stop martial arts action extravaganza. Lots and lots of LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG stretches of boring nothingness. Now I can't wait for Yahtzee's livestream of it...
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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    There's also the REALLY wrong way to criticize a movie: tell the actors and director to kill themselves and threaten death upon their families. There's Twitter harassment of actors who just so happen to be women and not-white, under the guise of criticizing their movies. In comment sections of...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Pickle Rick

    So, why no new Big Picture today? Crap, he didn't get fired again, did he?
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    Review: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Great, that's what the series needs: a Deconstruction. And it's the weak-sauce kind, where the hero is implied to be as bad as the villains (which I think Yahtzee was only joking about), and YOU (the player) are THE REAL MONSTER for enabling her. What does it say about the people who MAKE the...
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    Critical Mix: 004

    I knew it! I recognize that 'stach anywhere! Thank you, Wreck-It Ralph! Ooh! Crossover alert!
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    Zero Punctuation: Guacamelee 2 and Not Tonight

    Is that officially a thing now? Paperwork simulator? If so, maybe EVE Online could count, what with all the spreadsheets.
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Pickle Rick

    I thought Season 3 was the show's most hateful and mean-spirited, and it was directed at pretty much everything. That also made it the least funny, and a comedy that doesn't make me laugh is a failure. The reason so many people (in this case, douchebags) emulate Rick (an Alpha Douchebag) is...
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    Critical Mix: 002

    Imps, huh? Is the Doom Marine too busy, so they need a knockoff Sonic the Hedgehog?
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    Review: We Happy Few

    As soon as I read the part about rib-nudges and going "Get it, eh?", I thought of that Monty Python sketch with Eric Idle going "Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?" Is Yahtzee right? Is there mostly Monty Python quotes for dialogue in this game?
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    Critical Mix: 001

    Hooray! Critical Miss is back! And I totally forgot where Erin Dies Alone left off.