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    Critical Miss: Evolve Part 1

    Anytime anyone uses that in an argument all I can think of is: Your tears make me happy.
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    Critical Miss: Evolve Part 1

    Preordered the PC Monster Race pack (I regret nothing) and have been playing almost nonstop since the midnight launch. Having a fucking blast. Leave it to The Escapist forums to be the festering hive of the bandwagon-haters.
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    Evolve Review - Intelligent Design

    It's nothing groundbreaking, but the bots are actually pretty well coded, especially the monster AI.
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    Evolve Review - Intelligent Design

    That's any multiplayer game with a matchmaking system. Just play some games until you find a few good players, ask if you can friend them and after a little bit you have a list of good players that you can join up with for some really good games. Protip: This isn't just for your 4 hunters, you...
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    CD Projekt Red Isn't Afraid of Making The Witcher 3 Too Difficult

    I love a game that's unforgivingly difficult. Bonus points for making people cry. Something like IWTBTG! is nice.
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    Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

    All that preorder stuff that was up before stuff was done is still up. You aren't being forced into blindly buying stuff. You can wait until its finished and it's still available to buy. What's "not done yet" in the base game preorder? Just the fourth monster. That's a bonus for preordering. You...
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    Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

    People have been burned by terrible companies doing terribly unethical things with DLC just to make a buck. I understand that, but to automatically try to shove anybody who produces DLC into that box makes you just as terrible as those terrible companies. Even if a game is designed for DLC that...
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    How Long Would It Take You to Play Through Your Steam Games?

    The only Steam game I have is Portal when they were giving it away free 4 or 5 years ago which is one of the last times I ever logged into the account. So however long it takes to finish that.
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    8 Video Games That Are Better Than The Movies They're Based On

    Precisely. I think I'm going to go back to only coming to The Escapist for Escape to the Movies / Big Picture and Zero Punctuation. They're really the only worthwhile things on this site anymore and that's a shame.
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    The Witcher 3's PC System Requirements Revealed

    About 18%. Source [] I meet the recommended standards pretty comfortably. I built my rig last February for about $800. I imagine a decent budget model from the current stock of components...
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    Free Skin For League of Legends Players Who Played Nice Last Year

    Considering LoL has one of the most toxic player communities on the entire internet then rewarding the few good people is logistically probably the best idea.
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    The Big Picture: The Terrible Twenty Films of 2014 Part 2

    Kevin Sorbo has gone (or possibly always was) uber right wing nutjob. I mean further than most of the right wing nutjobs. He's making Glen Beck and Sean Hannity look mildly sane by comparison and that takes some serious effort.
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    Florida Home Owners Demand Removal of TARDIS

    Rule #1: NEVER live anywhere where you have to join a HOA. HOAs are cancerous shitholes.
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    Star Trek 3 May Be Fast and Furious In Space

    And why not? They've already destroyed the franchise with these terrible reboots, so who cares anymore?
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    Clip: Robin Williams' Final Role Will Be As Man's Best Friend

    May want to fix that typo.