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    American Humour is Terrible

    Comedy is subjective not objective. It may suck to you but to someone else it could be hilarious
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    "Oh ****! I hope I don't have to fight THAT!" Moments

    The large Bird boss in Shadow of the Collossus when i first saw it i thought"I hope i can just run past the fast bastard, I don't wanna die here" Then i remembered that i was playing Shadow of the Collossus and that i was going to have to fight it. So I pumped myself up,shot an arrow at it...
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    Poll: are you bespectacled ?

    Am i the only one who wears a monocle?
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    Run Away!!

    I'm running from the dark corridor I'm inside of!
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    Poll: Protect the Children?

    Well isn't a good way to raise kids in general to steer them away from overly inappropriate material,without completely shielding them? It seems like all parents are trying to do these days are delay the "Big Talk" till the child figures it out themselves or just grows up really confused as...
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    How do you coup with pain?

    I actually enjoy pain so...ya i coup by enjoying or ignoring. Emotional pain...I cry alot and retreat into myself
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    You are now the opposite gender.

    Well...i'm already the most feminine bisexual in my school so socially i'm set.I'd probably break up with my girlfriend now so i could date other girls/guys. Buy bras since eveything i have would suit me as a girl just aswell as it did as a guy. then I'd..."examine' my new body for a few hours...
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    E3: Microsoft Announces Halo 4 (and 5, and 6)

    I agree,i also want too see how well the halo fanchise floats without a point to this game...or Bungie. Also master chief escaped so smoothly because he's a Mary Sue character.
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    Wierdest thing you've ever said out of rage to a game.

    "Suck THIS Quantum Theory Beyotch! Who's who's whipping boy now ya asshole! Suck me dry ya plum lickers!" This is me 2 weeks ago after i beat QUANTUM theory
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    Odd features you find attractive.

    I like short Girls. Like 4"10' and under. Mind you i am 17 and i always learn the age before asking out. I like short not young,young is creepy.
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    Get the Portal 2 Soundtrack (Legally) Free!

    Omg Valve i love you! You don't have to marry me just promise me a 1 night stand!
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    Stolen Pixels #259: Don't Fear the Creeper

    Hmmm needs more cowbell
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    Cat Finds Tank, Brings Ruination

    The dogs will help us in our hour of need! Now if they'd stop licking their crotches to organize we may live though this... exept for the Chihuahua's.
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    It's official... MW3 teaser!

    I guess i'll play it...Unless Duke Nukem hasn't gotten old by the time this game releases.
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    Greatest nonverbal insult?

    Eating a love note for you in front of the girl who gave it to you.