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    What are some good college games?

    If you can get the stuff, Rock Band/Guitar Hero are good fun, especially if you drink. Mario Party, Smash Bros, Soul Calibur or any sort of one on one fighting games. MARIO CART! Get Mario Cart. I can't think of much else that hasn't been said.
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    Poll: Best Final Fantasy Game.

    No. That theory is wrong. I don't know why people think this. Maybe there is quite a few who like the one they started with, but then there's a lot of people who like the first of whatever series they played. Played since 1 on NES, Top 3 are VI, IX and IV.
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    What Would You Like to See In Saints Row 4?

    OH this too. I had thought about this, it would be cool if, as you said, you could make your own gang, but the main villains would be the Saints who got so big they just became completely out of hand. Or something. You know, the whole Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the...
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    What Would You Like to See In Saints Row 4?

    Well, at least the publisher of Dead Island got them so you know they won't hold back too much in the SR games. Hopefully. OT: Pretty much what everyone already said like the more customization of everything, have gangs come back as sepereate entities, preferably separate from the main...
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    Poll: I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite store on the Citadel... or is it?

    I'm thinking you can recruit them for war if you saved them. Of course I don't actually know what happened in the first game other than you didn't kill them (or did). I played the PS3 version.
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    Does anyone even care for Dragon Age 2

    Everybody who likes it are too busy playing it to go on forums. for me, im eating right now. When im done, back to Kirkwall!
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    Any good Fantasy/Medieval Films?

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy? First Knight (never saw it)? In Defense of the King (crap)? Knights Tale? Robin Hood, Gladiator, Centurion, 300, Braveheart.... ok im just listing movies with swordplay but meh.
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    Why must "MMO" always be followed by "RPG"?

    I don't know if you remember All Points Bulletin. It was supposed to be an MMO Shooter. it didn't exactly do very well. Also, there are MMOs coming out that are trying to break the WoW cloney...ness, although I guess they still do feature models in underwear. TERA is one, definitely models in...
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    How would you have followed on from Red and Blue? [Pokemon]

    Errr...uhhh...flop around? Well how do they fight in the show? I guess you'd have to be in an area near water to use a fish pokemon. That is pretty limited but still, how many fish pokemon do people use? As for flying, they'd have to land at some point, just shorten their flight time. Yeah I...
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    How would you have followed on from Red and Blue? [Pokemon]

    The one major change I would make would be the battles. I would make them like Smash Bros. Using a GC controller, set your 4 special moves to the C-stick, make A and B basic attacks like tackle or scratch, L/R as block and so on. Also have an option to do it the more RPG way, for those want it...
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    Another Dragon Age 2 Unlockable Goes Up For Grabs

    I've seen it. A long time ago. I didn't particularly like it much, from what I remember. Since it was probably about 15 years ago, I don't remember a whole lot.
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    Another Dragon Age 2 Unlockable Goes Up For Grabs

    I'm now curious what that song is, but I'm afraid to look it up. OT: No Bioware, just no. You ask too much for something I don't care enough about. Also, I actually don't care about the bonuses, I just want to read these things cuz I like reading these things. Unless I can't read them and all...
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    Seriously people, stop the bitching (Dragon age 2...and other games)

    Ok, I got to ask something because I've been seeing this a lot lately. I only played Origins on PS3 and friendly fire was only on for hard and nightmare difficulties. So was there an option in the PC version to turn on friendly fire in any difficulty for the PC? If not, it's worth remembering...
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    What will you play in Skyrim?

    After reading everyones, I'm just so torn. Dual wielding archer rogue? Maybe an assassin with evil magic? Mega-Merlin? Gotta have a viking in one of my playthroughs though, the setting demands it.
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    Escapist Dating

    Any sexy Canadian ladies lookin for a good time? ;) Anyways, being serious now, I've never actually met or heard of anyone IRL that has dated through a site, much less the Escapist. The only time I've heard of it is now, in one of the earlier posts. Of course, I don't socialize a whole lot on...