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    Coolest Character of all time (In your opinion)

    Rainbow Dash :P No but seriously, i'd have to go with The Doctor.
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    What do consider to be acceptable pricing for DLC?

    This is especially true for X-box players, where a year's worth of Gold Membership costs $50 (or is it $60 now?). Seriously, you don't charge a person for medical services and then break his legs to get more. That's just criminal On the other hand, things like Fallout New Vegas's Dead Money...
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    Game you have played more than any other?

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    Its the zombie apocalypse what weapon do you choose

    Hmmmmmmm... For effectiveness, I'd have to go with the FAL Carbine. For style, I'd go with a Tommy Gun, since the old-fashioned revolvers look ridiculous when used against zombies.
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    Poll: [If] England and America just went to war...

    Over a third of the world hates America. Rightly so too. We're a bunch of douchebags.
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    Predict this years "game of the year"

    Portal 2 or Mass Effect 3.
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    Games that you felt were ruined by one game mechanic

    ... I know there have been plenty of games in which this has been the case. Trouble is, I have a critic's taste, so I only own and/or remember the games that I really like. I don't remember what it was, but there was a game that I played for about 30 minutes before I returned it. It had the most...
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    Have you ever encountered snobbery, class discrimination?

    I had wondered who would be the first to make a sarcastic remark. I thought about doing it myself, but I prefer to stay neutral in this thread.
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    Crossdressing in Anime's

    Most modern anime is meant to be aesthetically pleasing. Most characters in them are flawless. In addition, it has been shown that most Japanese people sympathize more with characters that have kind faces, which also tend to be feminine. That's why a lot of male characters in anime today look...
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    Poll: would you still game when you get OLD?

    You can pry my controller from my cold, dead, gnarled, old hands!
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    What is your favorite Boss Battle music?

    This and another:
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    Endings That Made You Depressed

    I get depressed at the end of each Zelda game. Not cause it's sad. Not even because I'm afraid that Nintendo is going to butcher the next one (50% chance). It's cause I grew up on Zelda. It's a reason that I have tried to type out in this box about fifty times. I really don't know why.
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    Rotflol! I read one of the letters that they received. It mentioned them being backed by a group of lawyers. What lawyer in their right mind would defend these guys?