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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Teaser Trailer Leaked

    I play Zerg, we're not the UP race any more dude. ZvP is funny now we have the roach/ling all in and the infestor/BL/corrupter deathball and ZvT's pretty doable on these bigger maps. Only our scouting is broken. That said, NEW UNITS PL0X BLIZZARD! I'm so hyped for the multiplayer aspect of HotS.
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    Is this a good gaming setup and will it keep pace with upcoming games?

    Yeah man, awesome for people with £1000 to wank away on an i7 and a GTX 470. OT: I'm going with other people in this thread that all you need is a GPU upgrade some point soon if you want to keep up with games. That current setup will run L4D, TF2 and SC2 fine on medium settings (higher for...
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    Father Kinects With An Elbow to the Face

    My favourite part: Having just concussed his kid in a manner most epic, the Dad's first reaction was "Ow, what hit my elbow?". Classic.
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    Question of the Day, August 31, 2010 There's the screenplay all written out! OT: Duran could be a good choice if the film was made after the end of SCII, he's one badass mofo and it'll be cool to see his real origins on the big screen.
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    Steam Promotion Saves Introversion From Death

    Yay! I bought that pack during the sale, glad to help a good dev. Uplink and Darwinia = worth 3 times the sale price alone.
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    A game no one seems to remember. O_O

    Rollcage on Playstation was a favourite of mine. Really fun racer.
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    I will restart when I'm ready Windows!

    You make a good point, but as a student on holiday, it's easy to simply not care about petty things like 'time of day'. Nothing actually happens til gone 3pm anyway. My better excuse tonight is I'm staying up with my Dad because he starts again on nights tomorrow, as if you cared.
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    I will restart when I'm ready Windows!

    This just happened before I posted so I still got some games left, but now the pressure's on. I hate pressure...
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    Enraged Nerd Herd Pummels Would-Be Thieves

    This is one of my favourite news stories yet. Dylan Hays is my new hero. What a legend.
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    I will restart when I'm ready Windows!

    It's the first thing I did after posting here but thanks anyway, like I said I just hadn't thought to do it yet is all on this 2 week old computer. Still can't see why it's on as default though. Are these updates seriously that much more important than anything I could be doing? Still...
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    I will restart when I'm ready Windows!

    (Yes this will be a bit of a rant) So I'm happily playing Starcraft 2, 3rd game in the placement league and I'm hoping to at least make silver. Game starts, right, sort out workers, another on the way, "gl hf", desktop appears.... Wait what? Back to Starcraft! Now! Wait, where is it? Why are...
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    Youtube has cancer.

    If you remove the second & from the URL and hit enter it reloads the page without the bar at the bottom. Just a suggestion, though it's not exactly permanent it does stick as long as you keep clicking videos in the sidebar and such.
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    The World's LEAST hated video game developer

    Besides Valve/Bioware? Maybe Q Entertainment? Why would anyone hate the guys who made Meteos, Lumines and ported Rez HD? Child of Eden looks promising too. I'd say Popcap, but they've probably ruined enough people's lives through Bejewelled and Peggle.
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    Youtube goes 15!?

    Means less breaks when I'm watching the longer Starcraft 2 games!
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    Escapist News Network: Kinect the Dots

    With this and Monday's LRR, you guys are on absolute top form this week! Great job on showcasing both political and corporate stupidity at it's height in just 5 minutes of brilliant comedy. Now to watch Unskippable! You've set your bar high.