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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Mistakes You For a Man

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    Kiefer Sutherland Makes Dynamite Cupcakes

    Let me be the first (and hopefully last) pedant in this thread: KIEFER, ffs, it's even written in the title of the video! There. You may proceed.
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    Syndicate Was a "Lost Battle From the Get-Go"

    What's with the "our game was bad because there was no other way possible, really" excuse here? I liked the graphics. I liked the music. Too bad all the other pieces didn't really fit. It sounds a bit like Prometheus - tons of expectations, quite a lot of hyping up, and then you get...
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    Trailers: Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Trailer

    I like trailers that are short, powerful and to the point. Like this one.
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    Critical Miss: Connor Morgan
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    Eyeballs to Explode Through id's Rage Novel

    Colour me stupid (or underslept) but I don't get this bit: "the author that previously worked on both Doom 3 and Doom 3's novelizations". So, that's like two novelizations of the same game - do they need mentioning twice like this? :-)
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    Indie Mecha Combat Game Hawken Looks Incredible

    It would be great if the devs put some customization options for the config files regarding speed, so that players could play something more erratic and jittery if they prefer, or get some heavy mech action at a slower pace. I wouldn't like to play a large-mech game with machines that behave...
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    Japanese Engineers Build Bottle Rocket Firing Exoskeleton

    The cosplay possibilities for the robo-minded masses are endless ;-)
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    Crysis 2 Dev Urges Fans Not to Pirate the Game

    I used to download big name games when I was young and poor, in order to get my necessary fix of gaming while avoiding selling internal organs to finance the hobby. The pirated versions were buggy, sometimes dangerous and almost always made me fear for the state of my computer after...
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    Square Enix Delays Deux Ex: Human Revolution

    +1, especially for a title I'm really looking forward to.
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    12 Games That Defined Their Genres

    Hmm, how to put it - I am disappoint, Escapist - X-Com was a mere continuation of the great ideas and execution of Laser Squad!
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    Trailers: TRON: Evolution - History

    Hm, not bad but for some reason the graphics in the game seem less fluid than the ones in the movie ;-) In other words - I'll stick to the movie and probably skip the game.
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    Japanese Porn Indicates 3D Television Success

    News at 11: Tits sell better than anything else.
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    Is your gender the same as your Avatar's?

    Of course, my avatar's sex matches mine.
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    Syndicate Remake Gets a "Triple Confirmation"

    Yes! I hope it will rock as much as the original did back in the day...