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    Have recent games really been so disappointing?

    Ever since Call of Duty 4 came out, games have seriously shifted focus to multiplayer, especially FPS's. All of my favorite single player games used to be FPS, but that's changed very recently. I find that very disappointing. For me, multiplayer is a flip of the coin at best, an absolute...
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    New COD game already confirmed for next year!

    There will ALWAYS be a sequel.
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    What Country Has The Best Music?

    Rock, Rap, Jazz, all invented in the US of A. So...America! Fuck Yeah!
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    The value of a life - a social experiment.

    900,000 is still going to keep me in cash for a long time, so I'd give 100,000. That way I don't have to worry about my conscience bothering me while I enjoy my riches.
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    Most disappointing movie?

    Citizen Kane and Psycho. I hear about these movies all my life and then...meh.
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    Anime that flew under the radar... and just plain underrated anime

    Ergo Proxy has not received enough love, that's for sure. Not that anyone's unduly trashed it, It's just that I'm the only person I know who's even heard of it.
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    So Long, Brian Jacques

    His books were surprisingly badass, especially for kids books, and I still love them to this day. My little brother's gonna be bummed when he hears this....
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    NOOOOO! 40 hours down the drain in mass effect 2 ps3

    If your able to ignore the ridiculous upgrade management as well as cut and paste scenery...
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    Manga attempt *and drawings*

    I know why I don't like him; He's smirking while the text is being all serious, and we don't even know who he is. HOWEVER, this does show potential. If you practice like a dog for the next 2 years, you should have some decent talent under your belt when college rolls around.
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    The last enemy you killed: Was it edible!?

    I guess, if you don't mind re-deaded undead. Depends on what game. If L4D or Nazi Zombies, I think you're safe. Unless you're an UN-infected survivor in L4D. That would really fuck up your holiday plans.
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    I'm in need need of some new tunes Escapists

    Devin Fucking Townsend.
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    Poll: Local Honor Student in my hometown to be deported.

    No, I don't believe he should. He's been here over a decade, and seems to be a model student and citizen.
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    Smash face on keyboard, Post results

    dd Duh-duh-derp.
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    If you had the ability to switch your gender?

    If it's popular and people go into detail, definitely not SFW. But yeah, I'd totally have fun with it.
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    Game ideas

    You can't get more original than this. True gestalt.