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    Do you find playing a character of the other gender awkward?

    Meh, the way I see it im usually playing as the non-human race anyway so playing as an alien midget isn't very far off from playing an alien midget with a vagina. If its a game with only human characters then it depends on which looks cooler, which has better voice acting and on if the female...
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    Poll: I'm embarased to be called a pc gamer

    Ive had three modded 360s in the past that I used to burn games for. Take a wild guess what happened to them. Hint: three bright lights Anywho most games i have end up being fairly easy to crack and I rarely play multiplayer games that arent TF2. But on the rare occasion that I want to play...
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    Poll: I'm embarased to be called a pc gamer

    So Im curious as to what you think its okay to be proud of? OT: Im a pc gamer because its easier to pirate games for the pc. *flame shield on*
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    What's your job?

    I work at a movie theater concession stand. I still cant understand why people can waste so much money on popcorn. It also sucks that now that I get free movies, all the movies suck.
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    Auto-aim, cover, health regen in shooters: why the hate?

    At level 20-something on borderlands I realized that auto aim was on. I felt dirty and started up a new character. Cover systems can be good but it gets annoying seeing chest high walls everywhere. I cant help but think "what are the odds that that pillar was exactly that size and fell in...
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    How do you counter campers and g18 aimbo noobs?

    silencer on the m9 is broken OT: grenades are my anti-camp weapon. also if they're camping becaus they suck(which 9x/10 they are) you can just prefire a bit, rush them, and teabag their corpse. As for akimbos, I don't see how they're overpowered? The range balances the power. EDIT: ^or...
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    What "Day" is your Birthday?

    Nujabes died this year on my birthday. Which is sad because Samurai Champloo had awesome music.
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    I'm, like psychic or something

    I'm sure that many of you have heard about the latest TF2 update( ). Note the robot-hand thing near the middle of the update page. Now check this out: . Look towards the middle of the picture at the man next to...
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    Poll: Eminem. Yes or No?

    Type in Lupe Fiasco into youtube. i cant understand how so many people think that Eminem is a good example of "good" rap (aka not dealing with gangstas and hoes...which he does rap about actually...he made a song called "ass like that" for Christ's sake). Maybe Lupe isn't mainstream...
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    Poll: Eminem. Yes or No?

    Look up Lupe Fiasco. I voted yes cause he is fucking hilarious. A he seems a little conceited at times but still funny. When hes not being funny he kind of sucks though imo. also this^ Like I said, hes funny but savior of hip hop he is not (I prefer Lupe anyway).
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    Oh no wait I remember the real reason why I stopped playing MW2 now. Its because every time I get a good game started (6-0 k/d with a predator missile about to kill the guy planting the bomb) I get kicked from the server. It wouldn't be as rage inducing if it didn't happen damn near every time...
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    Good to see that Im pissing someone else off while Im being battlemedic'd to death. Also modern warfare. I seem to be a random noob tube/semtex magnet. And lag kills me more than explosions.
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    It's CARTOON Network, Seriously! how do you fuck that up?

    ATHF just had a new episode about a month ago and I think they show it daily now. Venture Brothers is shown less frequently but I believe its going to go for another season. Sealab is sadly gone and will be dearly missed. Also I recommend Boondocks and Metalocolypse if you liked those two...
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    It's CARTOON Network, Seriously! how do you fuck that up?

    RIP: Billy and Mandy, Toonami (just about all of it),Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, and Codename Kids Next Door and Ed,Edd, and Eddy (though to be fair they gave that show a proper burial or in other words an actual fucking ending). I wish more channels were like Commedy...
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    The Future of Bleach

    I hate to say It but this. I kind of knew it was going downhill when Ichigo was all "Hey I know that you people have worked hundreds of years to perfect swordsmanship and master your bankais and abilities but I can beat you all and I've only been doing it for a few months(?). Also now I can...