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    Facebook Friends Bomb Each Other in Zynga's Empires & Allies

    Zynga's response to the Civ game being made for Facebook perhaps?
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    Trailers: L.A. Noire: Launch

    Looks pretty sweet. I take it this game is going to run on the same engine that was used for RDR and GTA4? Have to wait till the 31st to get it though...
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    Sony Claims It Told Users of PSN Info Breach Immediately

    I've just had an email. 18:16 GMT It just says "AMMA SORREE" and the usual "This, this and this may or may not have been stolen". Let's just hope that this is as far as it goes and nobody is scammed for this major cock up.
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    The Old Republic Gets Wookie Localization

    That's awesome. I kinda wish it was real...
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    Review: Killzone 3

    I think I might pick this up, although the only experience I've had with the Killzone games is the original on PS2, when I played it at a friends house. It was a good game from what I remember though.
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    Review: DC Universe Online

    Woops, guess I've been playing it wrong then D: I really should pay attention to the tutorials...
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    Review: DC Universe Online

    Y'know if you press T, it switches to a secondary action bar, so you've got 12 skills.
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    Critical Miss: Y Ddraig Cach

    I'm Welsh, lived here all my life and I found this strip to be funny. Actually the first strip I've ever seen, just because I was curious of the Welsh title. As for the Dragon on the Jack, it isn't needed. It's on our flag and identifies us pretty well and actually means something in terms of...
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    Fav COD Weapon

    Like this? OT: The Python. Just so I can pretend I'm this guy.
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    idea for a game: robot uprising

    I was thinking Red Faction.
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    Poll: COD: YAY OR NAY

    It's KAY I suppose. I get bored of them quickly, but Nazi Zombies keeps me playing them a little bit longer.
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    What do you want in mass effect 3?

    This. Mainly because I don't want to "build up my squad" for the majority of the main missions...
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    Just a little thank you to the mods.

    I've only seen one troll since I've been here, which was only a few days ago. He was terrible though. Just a string of "u mad" and homophobic comments. Think he got permabanned. But the Mods do a good job.
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    So ... um ... ... hi

    Hi Cory... (Me too) OT I'm Mike, I live in Wales. Reason why I'm up this late (1:34 AM) is because I got too drunk last night, didn't wake up till gone 3PM and I also have to go back to work on Tuesday. I also like having late nights.
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    Can you dance?

    I'm a terrible dancer.