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    Extra Credits talks about gender sterotypes in game mechanics.

    They did say it was theme that actually drew in certain demographics but that developers were confusing the reason why certain demographics were playing certain genres. They agreed with you in the fact that the markets where these genres first started was what really caused the divides. Yes...
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    Poll: Best band ever!

    Everyone is wrong so far. The obvious choice is the Rolling Stones. I mean come on Paint It Black, Sympathy for the Devil, Gimme Shelter. How can you not love it?
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    Poll: Fallout 3 opinion Research ( Please come and answer this)

    I out its a fantastic game. Now, I'm a little biased in that it was one of the first game I played that made me realize gaming is important. It really all boils down to that crushing atmosphere. Its on Silent Hill 2 levels of crushing your soul from simply walking around in the world to much.
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    Most Racist Thing You've Seen?

    No, you are being ignorant for thinking that. Not only is it the twenty bucks but also the cost to go out and get to the places that give out IDs. Let's not forget the time it takes to do that which poor people tend to not have a lot of because they have to work constantly just to survive...
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    Discussions of gender portrayals in games,movies, etc.

    Again people keep saying Anita thinks people who play the games she discusses are sexist when she puts a disclaimer at the beginning of every video stating you can enjoy these games and not be sexist, and these games are not sexist in themselves, but contain tropes that are. It doesn't make the...
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    Horrible fan-art and -fiction appreciation thread!

    I thought Vinny was a guy's name. Apparently I have been the wrong gender the whole time.
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    Reviews for the consumers, Critiques for the developers

    I don't know how well that would work separating the two. People are going to have baggage which will always affect their opinions. Reviews are always going to be opinion based so I do not think separating the review from the critique will be possible or improve the current state of game...
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    My (ex)girlfriend cheated on me. Cheer me up!

    The best thing about this is that, you will get over it eventually. The bad news is the eventually part. It will take time. More good news is that, I am assuming you broke up with her, you are now out of what was probably or what was going to become a terrible relationship. Anyway, go do...
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    What game made you fall in love with gaming?

    That's actually pretty fantastic. I've been gaming since before I can really remember too, but it was on a hand-me-down Sega Genesis. According to my parents my first game was Sonic 2, and I would have put that game as my answer except Sonic games almost made me fall out of love with gaming...
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    What game made you fall in love with gaming?

    I'm gonna make an ass of myself and make an assumption about most of the people here. You love gaming. Now, I want to know what game made you fall in love with this medium? This does not necessarily have to be your favorite game (but I am sure there will be some overlap) just the game that...
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    How to fight a Jedi

    Hello every one. I am about to play in a Star Wars d20 campaign that takes place right before the events of Knights of the Old Republic. Now, I do not want to play a jedi however I still have to be able to stand toe to toe with them. So here is my question... How do you fight a jedi without...
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    A Game to Restore My Faith in Games?

    Deadly Premonition. They recently released the director's cut for the PS3 and it is a game that is so bad and near unplayable yet it is one of the most unique and entertaining games I have played in my entire life. The characters are fantastic. Mr. Francis York Morgan is so fun as a main...
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    Explain your usernames

    My best friend when I was around 10 showed me a game called torn city that he wanted me to play with him. We wanted to start a business together in the game so we wanted to have similar names. His name was death526 so I went with death525.
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    Heroes of Video Game Music Kickstarter Shoots For Unique Album

    Sounds like fun. I hope it gets some Metal Gear and Final Fantasy composers in there too. This might become the first non-video game kickstarter I put down money for.
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    Microsoft Hints at Pre-Owned Fee For Xbox One Games

    No, Call of Duty multiplayer (and singleplayer I think) is one save per account.