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    Whats your entrance theme?

    Most of the stuff I'd use is too damn fast, so I'd go with this from about 0:16: And Heel all the way, because it's funny being an utter bastard
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    Childhood Misconceptions

    I was born with a large brown birthmark, and grew up in an almost exclusively Indian area of town, so for some reason I assumed that if you had a brown patch of skin you changed over time, and that's where brown people came from. That got cleared up when I was about six and my teacher pointed...
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    Poll: Start a family! Who wants children?

    We'd like some, but given the genetic minefield me and my partner have between us, we'd rather adopt, plenty of kids that need homes as it is.
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    So Idris Elba might be the next James Bond

    I though "James Bond" was just the pseudonym successive 007 agents took. No reason there shouldn't be a black Bond.
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    Do "Nerds" Not Enjoy Sports, Or Just Not Mainstream Ones?

    I used to play WR for our college team, 80% of us were cyberneticians, with a few scientists and programmers thrown in for good measure. Go figure.
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    Warfighter Work Lands SEALs in Hot Water

    Seems a dick move, but then again being in the service that long they'd know OPSEC, and what would constitute a breach. The bigger picture is that the Bin Laden raid was to SEAL Six what the Iranian Embassy was to the SAS; It thrust a secretive group into the zeitgeist, and all of a sudden...
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    Poll: When was the last time you had a taco?

    Before I moved in with my fiancée, I used to cook a lot of Mexican/Indian/Thai, but she can't handle anything hotter than a korma, and cooking two separate meals every night is too much of a hassle.
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    Poll: A Petition To The Escapist Regarding Andy Chalk and Farming Simulator 2013

    Was planning to leave it out, but then again I didn't want to risk breaking the forums again...
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    Poll: A Petition To The Escapist Regarding Andy Chalk and Farming Simulator 2013

    Around here (East Mids.) It's mainly rape (canola I think you call it).
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    Farming Simulator 13 tops charts

    Still waiting on my copy, bloody Royal Mail... And ETS2 is actually pretty damn good, they really pushed it with graphics too.
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    XCOM Patch Making Easy Mode Easier

    It's not like they're altering classic or impossible, so those of us who cut our teeth on UFO defence years ago can still scream at the monitor if we want. On the other hand, it lowers the barrier to entry fro strategy newbies (I can imagine there's a fair few on consoles). That way the...
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    Living with a disability

    ASD, and I got diagnosed really late (21) which threw me massively for a few years. I've got my head around it now, and generally I have a good feel for my limits and work within that. Occasionally I do have the anxiety/panic attacks and other issues, but I have a decent department here who...
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    Games with unicorns in them...How many are there?

    Unicorns & Hand Grenades over on Liquid Generation (NSFW).
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    Do daily multi-vitamins really do anything?

    If your diet's shit, then they can balance things out. A lot of marketing's aimed at the 'worried well' though; eat right and you don't need supplementation.
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    Who here brought, or is buying a Vita?

    Disgaea and MHFU, that's all I play on it.