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    5 Things To Do If You Use Cutscenes in Your Video Game

    Excellent article, and sad indeed that we still need people saying stuff like this this day and age. I'd like to add two suggestions to the list that I think are crucial: * Don't abuse the opportunity of the cutscene to put the player character in a position where they are at the worst...
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    Simmons Finally Appears in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I'm glad she's shown up, because her prior appearances this season has started this going through my head:
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    How to Make The Sims Double As A Corporate Workplace Simulator

    Silly Yahtzee, of course they've already done that in the past as DLC (Sims 2 Open for Business and Sims 3 Ambitions), and of course they will again. :) Although actually playing out the corporate world would be new. Sims 2 Open for Business actually had an amazing, actually innovative as in...
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    #GamerGate Needs Damage Control Badly (Small OP Update)

    I was reading Sarkeesian's Twitterfeed this morning, and people who supported gamergate were replying to her tweets -- which were NOT about Gamergate -- with the hashtag. Go see for yourself. They're in reply to some of the #lovemail and #hatemail posts she made. So there are clearly folks not...
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    Editor's Note: Why I Still Call Myself a Gamer

    Thanks so much for this, Mr. Tito. We need to decry harassment every moment, every day, but it does and should not have to come at the cost of the gamer identity. To me true gamers are the ones who are so passionate about games, they want EVERYONE to play. EVERYONE, in a safe environment free of...
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    The Sims 4 Review - More BooHoo Than WooHoo

    Hey Alexis dale, glad you're enjoying the game. Unfortunately, your post is very hard to read. It might make things easier for people to read it if you break things up and punctuated it a little more clearly. It would especially be helpful to see the features you enjoy put in a bulleted list...
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    The Sims 4 Review - More BooHoo Than WooHoo

    The weird thing with that is while yes, Sims 3 games took awhile to load, once everything was loaded.... everything was loaded. So gameplay went pretty smoothly, even on a lower end game. Five years of technology and graphics engine development later, they should have been able to figure out how...
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    The Sims 4 Review - More BooHoo Than WooHoo

    With the caveat I do not own the Sims 4 (I stopped buying EA products around the time Origin came out, although Origin wasn't the main reason) ------- what I understand is the issue isn't that the Sims 4 feels empty compared to prior games with expansions.... It's that the Sims 4 feels empty...
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    Is it time for feminists to step off our hobby?

    I am a feminist (I firmly believe women are people) and I am a gamer (I play lots of video games--mainly RPGs, action, and strategy--and tabletop RPGs and board games). Gaming is "my" hobby, as much as it is yours. "You," whoever you think, "you" are, don't own the hobby. The "invasion" as I...
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    The Most Anticipated Games Coming This Month

    Wow, I knew it was bad, but I had no idea they're basically recreating the Sims 1 base game, with better graphics and maybe AI, but without pools or most of the careers. Probably won't even have the clown or the social bunny. Even if I hadn't decided to boycott EA ages ago, pretty sure I...
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    What game featured your favourite HUD?

    While it's controversial, the HUD in Remember Me was interesting because, like some of the others have mentioned, it's an in-game/in-character HUD -- i.e., largely what you're seeing is what Nilin is seeing, including all the little labels, tags, etc., thanks to the tech she's equipped with...
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    Taking On "Detrimental" Isometric Game Design

    I think the thing to take home from this, even if you are a gamer who likes isometric play, is that designers really need to think about how to handle camera movement and the UI for an isometric game even more carefully than, perhaps, for other game perspectives. I've played isometric games that...
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    25 Top RPGs of the Last Five Years

    I personally would draw a line between RPGs where you make choices in dialogue, what characters you choose to establish relationships with (I mean this in the broadest sense), and your actions in quests have consequences.... ... And "action RPG" clickfests where your only decisions are...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set First Impressions

    Proofreading nitpick: in the paragraph under "Adventure" -- That should be "reins." You reign over a kingdom. You control a horse with reins. The idiom "giving the reins to..." refers to letting someone else "drive the cart," so to speak.
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    Jimquisition: EA & Ubisoft: A Cycle of Perpetration and Apology

    Sadly, this. I think more gamers are wising up, but there are more than enough games customers who, if for no other reason out of an utterly misplaced corporate-brainwashed sense of brand or franchise loyalty, will buy these things regardless of how often these companies prove themselves to...