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    The Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Now Has a Trailer

    I... guess I am just not feeling it. Worst part is I cannot point to any one thing and say 'I don't like this' I mean the added plot about the major's past is annoying but to be expected in Hollywood, Scarjo is passable but not 'great' I guess I think the worst part for me is her voice, and it...
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    No WarCraft 1 & 2 Remasters Because They "Aren't That Fun Anymore"

    To be honest they are missing a major opportunity for re-mastering, namely tying in their newly retconned lore to the whole through games people remember fondly. A re-mastered re-release would sell boatloads, and it is not like their RTS team is doing anything else anymore.
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    You Can Now Pre-Load all 80 GB of Gears of War 4 on PC

    80 gigs of WHAT? What exactly is in the game that means it has to be THAT big. It is probably not game play time or content given what the last games provided, and how many more pixels or polys can they cram into models before it is no longer noticeable by the layman?
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    Poll: Windows 10- Worth It?

    I would let you know, but any time i tried to upgrade it failed. Did the download version? Failed and kicked me back to 7, tried that twice with the same result each time making my graphics card wonkey and giving me a black screen with mouse at startup. Tried the flash drive version? Wont let me...
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    Star Wars' John Boyega to Star in Pacific Rim 2

    You know what? I can dig it. I like Boyega, he needs more work, he's a good actor after all.
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    Battlefield 1 Revealed in Launch Trailer

    I have wanted a WW1 FPS for a long long time. Why did it have to be EA and Battlefield...
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    A New Dawn of War Could be Announced Tomorrow

    I'm taking bets that it is just another character for Last Stand, any takers?
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    Avatar 2 Delayed Yet Again, Will Not Meet 2017 Release Date

    Good? I am sorry but any future plot for that movie that is not 'earth's propaganda machine spinning the slaughter of miners leading to nuking a planet to glass' does not make any sense to me... Cause honestly sure the na'vi won a battle, but so did the native Americans when it came to fighting...
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    Watch: The New Suicide Squad Trailer

    Holy shit there is WAAAAAY too much going on in this movie... How the hell are they going to balance out this bloated mess? To be honest the trailer did not even really show what the main plot of the movie IS...
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    Who Will Be Cast as The Young Han Solo For the Upcoming Film?

    Funny enough out of that list I only really find myself fine with Scott Eastwood. I had joked with a friend about him being a better kylo ren given he looked a whole hell of a lot more like Harrison Ford than Adam Driver did.
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    Watch: The Deadpool Christmas Day Trailer

    I am sort of worried this is channeling too much Daniel Way and not enough Joe Kelly... I don't know something just seems a little off to me, maybe it is me coming off being disappointed by Star Wars, or maybe i am just crazy but it just seems off guys.
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    Kingdom Hearts III and HD 2.8 Final Prologue Teased in New Trailer

    Every time something new is announced i always hope that it will be a PC release, it never is...
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    Steam Database Leak Reveals FFX/X-2 PC Release, Half-Life 3

    Well well, the fact that all this FF is coming to PC makes me hopeful that Kingdom Hearts will make the jump eventually to!
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    Fallout 4 critic vs audience reviews for pc port.

    As a fan of the pre-fallout 3 games in the series I can say that for me Fallout 4 just does not look and feel like Fallout. Corse I loved New Vegas so i am a little bias but the east coast never really 'gripped' me like a whole lot of other people. Beyond that the changes they made to the core...
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    Batman v Superman Producer Says Film Won't Be Overstuffed

    I... Really do not buy it. The movie has too much going on not to be bloated to be honest.