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    One-Fifth of PS3 Owners Are Eyeing the Exit

    1983. But this is up there.
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    Star Ruler Studio Really Hates GameStop

    The main reason for it is because Gamestop has a monopoly. And a monopoly is terrible for consumers because it basically allows a company to screw over their customers without losing much.
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    Stan Lee Media Suing Founder and Namesake, Stan Lee

    Stan Lee ages according to comic book time.
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    Humble Indie Bundle #2 Hits Steam, Breaks $1.2 Million

    Notch himself did buy a bundle for $2000, so maybe it's possible.
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    Sony Online Strongly "Hints" Planetside Sequel Coming This Spring

    Hopefully it will allow for more shenanigans like this: And yes that is from the Planetside war that took place forever ago. Seriously I have like a million screenshots from the last day.
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    Gran Turismo Creator Would "Love" to Leave Series Behind

    I'm surprised someone actually remembers Omega Boost.
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    Which Xcom Game is the best?

    The First one, although I consider TFTD and Apocalypse excellent as well. As for the upcoming FPS, I'm willing to give it a chance.
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    Sony Sits the Walkman

    'nuff said.
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    GOG Awards Free Game to Longtime Supporters

    And what a way to make up. All is forgiven.
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    Let's make an escapist Minecraft server!

    It's a bad idea to have the server address public, because griefers will probably find it.
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    U.K. Devs Say Videogame Courses at Universities Are Bunk

    I certainly hope they aren't. My university actually has it's own games development studio, so maybe that'll help.
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    Your Opinions on Windows 7

    I recently upgraded from Vista Premium to 7 Professional. I actually liked Vista, but 7 I feel is a lot better, on my system it actually uses half as much RAM as Vista, and It's got a lot of other nice features too.
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    Fans Shoot Live Action Cutscenes for Command & Conquer 3 Mod

    Very unlikely, EA's actually linked to the mod on their C&C site before.
  14. dekkarax Closes its Digital Doors

    Where am I going to get Total Annihilation now?
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    Poll: Would You Kill Baby Hitler?

    No. The temporal repercussions would be enormous, it could even make things worse.