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    Saints Row: The Third Review

    I prefer to hear about the game via a straightforward, insightful critique. I want the good and bad for gameplay, overarching experience, and technical aspects, not your "ironic" impersonation of a wannabe thug. Knock off the character-acting, tell us about the game, and do this one over.
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    Trailers: Batman: Arkham City: Catwoman

    Little bonus to the trailer in using Lykke Li's song "Get Some".
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    Trailers: The Secret World: Story and Missions

    Sure, we'll enjoy the years of development spent trying to make an MMORPG that's trying to distinguish itself from every WoW & EVE knockoff, BUT ONLY IF IT'S FREE! Even "free to play" MMORPGs withhold the best features or upgrades, demanding payment for content. People wonder why so many...
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    Trailers: The Secret World: Story and Missions

    As someone who just recently quit WoW after being disappointed by both the new raids (increased number of mechanics does not equal a more challenging or interesting fight, it means more choreography and less strategy) as well as Blizzard's newfound approach to playstyle (TIGHTLY controlling how...
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    Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

    In this action-packed episode, we see...what? A summary of the conclusion from the previous episode followed by a few jokes about making a satanic game, and the ever present desire of the boss to fire them. In short, this episode recapped last episode, and tacked on around 3 jokes? Unless you're...
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    Game Dogs: Episode Three: Mr. Yee

    Worst series ever. The only person I know who finds it funny is a woman who spends 9 hours in a cubicle (decorated corner to corner with pictures of her pets) and never shuts up about the "cute thing" her obese cat recently did. Time to put the rabid-dog down behind the barn.