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    My theory as to why all bible games have been terrible.

    This is a 2 year old thread. What's wrong with you? That's right, you should be ashamed.
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    OMFG! CA11 0F DUTY!!!!

    Seriously, we go through this same routine. Every. Single. Time. Some new game comes out and people have to complain about people enjoying it. "Wah! They're so annoying! Why do they like what I don't like?" This had been done for Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, etc. Also lots of needless...
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    Poll: Another Math Question

    Eye believe the answer is ⑨
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    Are you average?

    I won't rate my own looks as I don't consider those of my own sex to be attractive, so who am I to judge? I'd only say "decent." I have the benefit of not having horrible, disfigured scars on my face, pimples everywhere or horrible facial hair and the like, so I guess I'm above that. I'm told I...
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    How would you hold up in a fight?

    When all else fails, there's a certain strategy that always works: Step 1: Kick in groin Step 2: Run away
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    Chocolate or Potato Chips?

    That depends very heavily upon what I'm craving at the moment. Chances are I'll just take a little bit from each, then put 'em back.
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    Complete this statement

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    How many Avatars have you used?

    Too many. Lets just throw the estimate at... 40 At least I stay consistent with nearly all of them being Asuka, or Asuka related.
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    Complete this statement

    Oh, actually I lied. I forgot that I got rid of the dupes, and then cleaned up the Asuka folder leaving only those of higher quality. I still have to work on the Rei folder...
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    Complete this statement

    Thanks to 4Chan I have well over 12k NGE related pictures...
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    Where is the justice?

    It's both my personal view and my attempt to play the Devil's Advocate in one. The personal part is the fact that the greater whole cannot be changed for the better. The entirety of society and the human race in general is a doomed existence that will only either kill itself or pollute...
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    Poll: Breaking the grey/gray into black and white.

    Ok. Refer to the second part of my second post in this thread, then to the first part of my first post in this thread; That is my response.
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    Poll: Violence is never the answer

    Pain is not always bad, and some people even prefer pain. You can't please everyone, so you might as well stop trying.
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    Slender Man

    It's from Freakazoid. It's not supposed to be scary. Candlejack is a meme. When you say candlejack, you can't finish your post as per the laws of the internet. You have to cut off in th
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    Slender Man