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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    They are? Hmm "looks at the riot scene from film 1", looks like 50%ish black. Is this so different from places in the rural south that its supposed to be located in?
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    Xbox One Sells a Million Units In 24 Hours

    Has this forum been taken over by the SonyDefenceForce or somethimg? As an outsider with no horse in this race I think that people owning PS4s should welcome a successful Xbox one because can anyone ever think when a monopoly was responsible for making things better for the consumer? At least...
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    Galactic Civilizations III Unveils First Screenshots

    Ah GalCiv....the series I should love and has all the features I like in a game. But for some unfathomable reason always leave me feeling bored out of my skull. I can never put down a reason why it is so...but I hope that its not like that this turn around because the promise of 4X is likely to...
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    GOG Launches Fall Insomnia Sale

    Its been an amusing evening this. Omerta goes up and it takes like 15 minutes before the sale slowly wears off. Total Annihiliation goes up and "KABOOM" goes the GoG server.
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    GOG Launches Fall Insomnia Sale

    Yeah no way I´m suckered into.....Neverwinter nights 2 complete for 3.99!!!!!!!!!!!! "Runs off to get his wallet"
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    Check Out World of Warcraft's Updated Player Models

    They scrapped all their work on that a little while ago and went back to scratch. Project Titan seems to be more vapourware the more time goes by.
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    Diablo III Has Sold 14 Million Copies

    Ever heard of free game with WoW subscription? Considering wow had about 11 million subs back then its not exactly a wild guess where most of the sales came from. And it even kept the awful cataclysm expansion from turning into a subscription freefall as it was threatening to do.
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    Jimquisition: Cloak and Dagger

    I hope you will find some new opportunities after the breakup with destructoid. You were the only reason I went there so I hope I get to read your insightful reviews somewhere else. And regarding the information blackout in the games media.... "Beware of he who would deny you access to...
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    Sony Financials: Operating Income Sinks By 51%

    Much of the happy news in the rapport is down to the artificial weakening of the Yen that has been a priority of the current Japanese government. A year ago the Yen was 80 to the dollar, it is now 100 to the dollar. This is a good way to boost short term profits for an export dependent company...
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    XCOM: Enemy Within Preview - Whole New Game

    I would run out to buy this immediately if I hadnt suddenly remembered that I already had. Glad I didnt fall into the preorder trap but then unless they completely managed to balls things up I was at least pretty sure I would get more X-com and that was better than 95% of games these days. I´m...
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    Young Planet Drifts Through Space Unattached to Star

    Doesnt this planet fall into the category of a "Brown dwarf" more like than an actual planet? I mean it has 4 times the mass of Jupiter so its pretty darn big even if it didnt quite make it into ignition.
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    Foxconn Reportedly Making PS4s With Forced Student Labor

    This might be slightly morbidly but this could be another sign of the labour shortages that China is slowly being overtaken by. The price of labour has risen sharply the last 10 years or so and its way more difficult to get anyone signing up for anything remotely looking like sweatshop...
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    Escapist Expo: How to Create an Online Cult, Er, Following

    The LRR guys are really great but what is it with NA people using the term "you know" every ten or so words? I tend to get distracted by people using this term to the point of being unable to concentrate on what they are actually trying to get across. Its not everyone that does this but I have...
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    TotalBiscuit is Speaking at Escapist Expo 2013!

    Yeah those vids he did afterwards was pretty fail and the moaning almost made me cancel the subscription but he turned around and asked like a mature person what they´d like to see instead from the next expo he went to and got a lot of good answers and meaningful communication. And who would...
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    The Big Picture: Memorium

    Actraiser 1 and 2 are completely different games. The second is solely a platformer while the first is a weird hybrid where you platform and build villages Sim City-esqe style while fighting monsters on the map and following a story told through your villages you try to build.