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    Why Ghosts 'n Goblins Is One of the Most Difficult Games Ever

    I played this game back when it came out at a friend's place. We took turns, but eventually (almost 8 hours later) I started showing to be the better of the two of us so he just let me take over. We spent a whole weekend on that game. In the end, we finally got to that 'last boss' and, by...
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    List your favorite games and next person will give their thoughts on it

    Age of Empires 2: This brings me back. While I didn't play 2 as much as the first, this was one of my favorite way to waste time in the summer when I was home from Uni. The concept was proven, the gameplay felt simple enough that I wouldn't have to bash my head against it if I didn't want to...
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    Super Meat Boy in Smash Bros.? Team Meat Says "Make it Happen!"

    I went straight to voting for Shantae. I've got a lot of love for that platforming half-genie hero! Maybe I'm just biased as a backer of their upcoming game, but I really want to see her get some more attention and I think having her in Smash would really be great for her.
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    Developer Fanboyism

    Like many others, there's no developer that I'd just automatically buy their games. There are however many that have my immediate attention when I hear that they're releasing something and will likely spend an ungodly obsessing over until I can decide if I'm going to buy it or not. Mostly...
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    Poll: Would you be comfortable killing your country's military in a game?

    I can't say I'd be too bothered. It's just a game. Though I'd have a hard time shooting at folks I know are there, for the most part, out of a desire to be peace keepers.
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    HEY! Who wants to play bubble breaker?!

    Oh now this is just sick. :C
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    Why do you like fantasy books?

    For me, it's a lot like why I like fantasy games. I like finding a character I can kind of relate to or at least like the ~look~ (relying heavily on my own imagination in the case of some weaker writers) of, and then just mentally slip myself into their shoes as they make their way through...
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    Making the "Right" Choice in Paperboy and Beyond

    I like your style! This was my weapon of choice:
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    Making the "Right" Choice in Paperboy and Beyond

    Grats on the first article, Lizzy! Incidentally, I wonder what it says about me if I just made it a point to try and nail everyone and everything with a newspaper just because I could and doing so made me laugh gleefully? Some paperboys just want to watch the world burn?
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    World Of Warcraft...Anyone Else Just *Over* It?

    I've been out of WoW since mid-MOP. I think for me, it was mostly due to finding the game not fun any more for various reasons, most of all being that my raid guild fell apart. We weren't heavy raiders, never pushing for more than the normal mode raids at most (sometimes even being quite happy...