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    You Can Download and Play Overwatch for Free this Weekend

    I usually only play quickplay to warm up going into competitive, but goddamn, this free weekend has made quickplay a nightmare. Or nightmarer than usual. I don't expect much out of quickplay to begin with, but more often than not, there's zero cooperation. 1 tank, 5 DPS. Awesome, let's do it...
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    Report: Nintendo Switch's Tablet is a 720p Multi-Touch Screen

    I think the 720p limit is more a limitation of current battery tech rather than GPU processing limitations. 1080p is 2.25 times higher resolution than 720p. To render that would suck up precious battery life.
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    You Can't Play CoD: IW's Windows 10 Version With Other PC Versions

    I have Gear of War 4 on the windows store. Although I got that for free with my GTX 1070, so I don't know if that counts.
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    Steam Screenshots Section Must Now Only Contain Actual Screenshots

    Does that mean that it's screenshots and screenshots only? No artwork even if there's actual screenshots present? I mean, it's perfectly reasonable to demand screenshots in the screenshots section, but I quite like some of the artwork too.
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    Mediocre Videogame Movie Director Uwe Boll Retires, Says "The Market is Dead"

    Things tend to die with you repeatedly stab it in the heart.
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    If You Have Skyrim PC Saves that Use Mods, They Won't Work With the Special Edition

    What you see in game at a glance is just some models with a higher poly count, higher resolution textures, and new and improved shaders. But more importantly, there are big changes under the hood. First off, it's now an x64 application, meaning it has VASTLY improved memory handling and...
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    Overwatch's Next PTR Will Have "Significant Character Changes," but Not Symmetra

    Symmetra is in a weird place right now. Played as a logistics support that lays traps and teleports, she'll be almost entirely passive, only lobbing balls from long range to build charge. On the other hand, she's a powerful tank killer with insane DPS once her gun is fully charged. She'll do 120...
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    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Says eSports Could be Bigger than NFL and NBA

    Note that I said prize money, not salaries.
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    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Says eSports Could be Bigger than NFL and NBA

    Technically, it already is. NBA and NFL are national and only encompass one sport respectively, while esports covers loads of games and are international. Esports absolutely dwarfs NFL and NBA put together in terms of fans, players, and price money.
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    Rick And Morty Co-Creator Is Making an eSports TV Show

    Such a happy little cloud you are.
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    Tyranny - the Newest RPG from Obsidian - Now Has a Release Date

    I've told myself I'll stop hyping myself up for shit. But I keep failing.
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    Skyrim Special Edition Goes Gold, PC System Requirements Released

    I'm assuming this version doesn't have the hard 3.1GB RAM limit, so downloading purely because of that is worth it in my opinion.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    JPEG would be absolutely terrible for use as a game texture format. It's very processor intensive. You don't notice it when you load up a few JPEGs on your computer, but handling them as textures would require a fuckton of GPU time just to pull up, which means stutter and/or pop-ins galore. It...
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    Wasteland 3 Funded in Just Three Days, Stretch Goals Added

    Then don't. inXile has an excellent track record that you can find with minimal effort. If that's not enough for you, just leave.
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    Gears of War 4 Review - The Gears Keep Turning

    The GTX 970 was very high spec when it was released. Granted, it wasn't the best of the best, but it was like what the GTX 1070 is to the 1080 now.