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    Father & Son Video Games

    I'm a father and I play games with my school age son quite often. I save the M-Rated games for after he's gone to bed, and pick-up multi-player co-op E and T rated games to play together like Lego Star Wars and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, local multi-player enabled XBLA and Virtual Console games...
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    Oblivion, as it Was

    The bottom line: It was a successful and profitable game for Bethesda. If you don't like it you can either not purchase further Bethesda products and/or go out and develop something you believe is a higher "quality" product according to your qualifications. A lot of the market actually...
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    What's Actually Good (In Comics) #1

    This is a much more complex topic than it seems on the surface. I recommend navigating by author when dealing with mainstream publishers like DC and Marvel and their branch labels but there are also great smaller publishing houses with very talented authors and artists that are just breaking...