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    Poll: Gaming PC: To build, or buy pre-built?

    Absolutely recommend building; for the most part, they've made it so easy that most cables and plugs won't fit in any port or socket except for the correct ones. It's also far cheaper, so you can get a lot more PC for you money.
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    Director Uwe Boll Swears Off Kickstarter In YouTube Rant

    House of the Dead remains the most terrible movie I've ever seen, glad he's gone.
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    Amazon Aims to Make Shopping Even Lazier With New Dash Buttons

    If you read the article, they mentioned specifically you can place restrictions on it to prevent multiple orders. That said, I think the idea is totally awesome. There are so many times where I see that I am out of something and forget to write it down on a list only to curse when I go for...
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    Google Challenges You to Solve Animated Rubik's Cube Puzzle

    112 moves and 3:30 minutes, it tends to over spin it too often, but not terrible for a browser based cube.
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    I am thinking about joining the military

    I served the military, it isn't a bad gig. If you can try to get a clearance along the way and you can have a ton of job opportunities when you get out. I was army, but I strongly recommend going Air Force.
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    New PC rig help.

    I would say for that if you have any interest in overclocking an ATI 7950 can overclock much better than the 660ti and honestly is more comparable in performance to the 670. As with some of the other posters mentioned an i5 is more than sufficient. Getting an SSD will also give an amazing...
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    Poll: Teaching a giggling gaggle of girls how to use guns

    I don't think it will be as bad as you envision, I was in the military and some of the retards I had with me during basic training still managed to not kill themselves or anyone even though it was 10-15 to 1 drill sergeant. Just keep them away, go over basic safety rules and if they can't pay...
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    The Wishlist: Logitech G930

    I have the G930's for a while and I absolutely love them. Well worth the money spent for me. I've never had a single issue with them.
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    3 years later... what happened?

    I've been around the forums nearly as long, but I don't feel like responding to most threads these days.
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    Naughty Dog Hopes to Avoid "Stupid Mistakes" with PS4

    You realize that the PS3 has sold more than the Xbox360, right?
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    I bought my Asus G73 from this site, It was pretty cheap. Since I purchased it, I also replaced the regular 7200RPM HD with an SSD and I was astounded by the difference it made. Just looking extremely briefly, this seems like a rocking laptop for the money...
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    The Asus G-70 series are great gaming laptops that aren't too expensive. I use a three year old one and it still runs everything at the highest settings, minus anti-aliasing.
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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Beat him with Molyduex.
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    Poll: Are you guys upgrading to windows 8 ?

    I tried the consumer preview of it and absolutely hated it; none of it is intuitive.
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    Poll: MOBA heroes! Which is your favourite kind? (LoL, Dota, HoN, etc)

    Udyr rocks! My favorites are probably Udyr, Lee Sin, or Jax. I really like Ahri and Morgana too though.