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    Black Metal fans?

    Does anyone else here like Black Metal?
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    Poll: American Government

    Dude grow up I wasen't being serious. If you read any of my other post's. You would understand that I don't like our government period.
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    Poll: American Government

    Belive me man I was just kidding. In all reality I don't like anybody in government.
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    Poll: American Government

    In all seriousness I just really don't like him that much.
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    Zero Punctuation: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

    I love his rants.
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    Poll: American Government

    Sorry buddy I didn't know you had a hard on for the guy.
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    Poll: American Government

    Does anyone else think Barrack Obama is an asshole?
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    Thoughts on Sheva...

    Yeah your ignoring the fact that she's a fucking idiot. Who let's herself get killed every five seconds.
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    Poll: Should Kids Be Allowed To Carry Guns?

    We'll fuck you guys I voted yes.
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    Poll: George Fisher VS Chris Barnes

    Who do you think is best in the band? Personally no matter what I love Cannibal Corpse. So of course I think they are both awsome.
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    Why are russians always evil?

    It is nothing more than a stereotype in video games.
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    Thoughts on Sheva...

    I think that ***** is just plain stupid. Also it's like baby sitting a goddamn monkey. She just stands there and let's herself get hit. The only gun she uses is the handgun. No matter what other weapon she has. Like for example the first chainsaw majini I fought. She stood in his way and let...
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    Resident Evil 5 Demo Discussion Topic

    It's basically an improved and modernized version of Re4. In the same way the older ones were so similar. I will still buy it and enjoy it.
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    What's so great about Trophies?

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    Take some sleeping pills like me.